3CX Phone System now offers WhatsApp Integration

A world-class professional phone system meets with an internationally recognised SMS platform in 3CX’s update 5. In this latest platform update, 3CX Phone Systems now offers its users a long-anticipated feature, WhatsApp integration. Along with improved SMS integrations, refreshed message templates and a host of live chat settings, this new approach by the professional phone system gives schools, charities and businesses more opportunities to connect with their audience than ever before.

With the full release of Update 5, 3CX and its exclusive partners are taking enormous steps towards becoming the best multi-channel team communication system on the market. By offering WhatsApp integration (among the plethora of other multi-channel integrations and additional features) users can answer all of their customer and contact queries in one place.

It goes without question that WhatsApp Business integration makes it even easier for customers to get in touch with your trust, branch or business but what other benefits does this phone system update give you? Let’s find out more.

Benefits of WhatsApp Integration

Whether you run a business or are a professional in education, it’s vital to the smooth running of your operations that you keep track of all the different ways customers and contacts can reach out. From sales and delivery queries to student and teacher attendance, being able to get in touch with contacts in your organisation is crucial. To achieve this effectively, you need an efficient telecoms system that can manage and monitor their requests.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s leading applications for instant messaging and is recognised in charitable, educational and professional industries alike. When paired with a top-quality, software-based phone solution, it offers professional users enhanced functionality and opens up all kinds of extra communications possibilities.

With 3CX‘s WhatsApp Business Integration, you’ll be able to:

3cx / 3cx phone system / phone systems for businesses, schools and charities
  • Send messages and make calls
  • Improve SMS integration
  • Utilise the quick response message templates
  • Manage other users and live chat settings
  • Save money with a one-time subscription payment. No monthly or recurring charges.

Why 3CX Phone Systems?

As customer expectations evolve and the popularity of remote working grows, organisations and their infrastructures must adapt. It is with these unavoidable factors in mind that 3CX has developed a simple yet innovative way to integrate WhatsApp and other communications solutions into your telephone framework.

The difference between 3CX Phone Systems and a traditional Private Branch Exchange is that PBX calls are made over standard telephone lines and 3CX runs as a software-based IP phone system that can be deployed either onsite or in the cloud.

Software-based IP phone systems, like 3CX, combine instantaneous internet connectivity with different telecom technologies to enable Voice, Video, Data and Messaging all in one place. With less required maintenance, improved accessibility and advanced security, users have the capabilities to remote work, report on agent activity and improve productivity.

Not only is 3CX innovative in its approach, but it is also trusted by charities, businesses and schools across the globe. Due to its scalability, affordability and simplicity, over 250,000 installations have been completed so far. If your organisation is ready to embrace voice and video, messaging as well as chat advanced reporting, join the 3CX network with Clarion Communication Management today.

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