Planting Seeds of Change: Reigate College Partners With Clarion To Sprout A Greener Future

Teaming up with schools and colleges across the UK, Clarion’s Free Tree Initiative gives our children a greener educational environment.


In an exciting display of environmental stewardship and community engagement, Surrey’s Reigate College took further steps towards sustainability by participating in Clarion’s innovative tree planting scheme. With the planting of 30 blackthorn, wild cherry and hazel trees, the college has not only enhanced its campus’s green space but also taken steps to sequester its carbon emissions through the tree’s absorption of carbon dioxide. This initiative, part of a broader collaboration between Clarion and Carbon Footprint UK, aims to instil an ethos of environmental responsibility within the UK’s academic spaces and provide a greener learning environment for the next generation of students.


Reigate College: A Model of Green Initiative

Reigate College’s involvement in Clarion’s free tree saplings for education scheme showcases how academic institutions, no matter their size, can play an active role in environmental conservation and carbon offsetting. The college’s decision to document and share its tree-planting project serves as an inspirational blueprint for other schools and colleges and is an excellent example of how a small step can make a big change for many years to come. It highlights the simplicity and impact of incorporating sustainability into educational practices. The college’s Director of Estates and IT, who also worked with Clarion to upgrade the college’s phone systems to a modern VoIP solution, commented: “While we already have some wonderful mature planting and green space on our campus, Clarion’s donation of young trees will enhance our green space for the years to come.”

Tilly, a member of the College’s Student Sustainability Committee said, “We’re looking forward to seeing the saplings grow and in future, they will bring welcome shade and increase biodiversity at the College.”



The Power of Tree Planting: More Than Just Carbon Offsetting

Trees play a pivotal role in our planet’s ecosystem by sustaining local wildlife, releasing clean oxygen for us to breathe, and adding beauty to the landscape. But beyond their role in creating biodiverse landscapes, trees also can sequester carbon dioxide. As natural lungs of the earth, trees act as air purifiers that can filter water, prevent soil erosion, and offer shade and cooling, reducing the need for air conditioning in nearby buildings.

In the UK, the average carbon footprint is estimated to be around six tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per person, per year and the CO2 emissions is estimated to be around five tonnes per person per year. Fortunately, to minimise the adverse effects of these greenhouse gas emissions, UK schools, academies and colleges are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint by planting British native trees on their grounds.

A college campus can benefit wildly from enhancing its green spaces and even amplifying the educational opportunities it presents. Through hands-on involvement in tree planting, students gain a deeper understanding of ecology, biology, and the importance of environmental conservation. Educational institutions participating in the free tree scheme are afforded a unique opportunity to integrate environmental science into their curriculum, foster a sense of stewardship among students, and take a small step towards environmental protection.

Clarion’s initiative to provide free trees to schools, colleges and academies across the UK is a visionary project with tangible benefits for both the environment and educational communities. By offering native British saplings to all Clarion Academic clients at no cost, Clarion and Carbon Footprint UK are removing barriers to participation, enabling schools of all sizes and resources to contribute to a greener future.



Get A Plan Of Action For Your School

As the world grapples with the pressing challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, initiatives like this have been designed to support biodiversity, enhance the UK’s natural landscape, offset CO2 emissions, and protect forests and biodiversity on a national scale. Reigate College’s successful participation exemplifies the scheme’s potential to effect meaningful environmental and educational outcomes. By joining forces, British schools, colleges, and academies can make a significant impact, planting the seeds for a healthier planet and a more environmentally literate society.

If your school or college does not have any spare outdoor space to grow a biodiversity site, then there are other ways that you can reduce your impact on our planet. Buying remanufactured IT kit is not only a budget-friendly solution for academic institutions to reduce their IT spending, but it also aligns with the eco-friendly ethos promoted through our tree planting initiative. Remanufactured IT and telecoms equipment, such as the wide variety of VoIP systems found at CommsWarehouse, are thoroughly refurbished to meet or exceed original performance standards. Choosing remanufactured hardware over new offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing brand-new and reduces electronic waste and conserving resources.

Together, we can cultivate a greener, more sustainable future, one small step at a time.


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