As the Department of Education (DoE) announces a new laptop borrowing scheme for schools, we look at how our own Remanufactured Laptops programme is already saving thousands of pounds for the academic sector.


girl-with-laptop-for-studyThe Government scheme helps disadvantaged Year 10 students to study at home while Covid-19 forces schools to stay closed. Focusing on Year 10 recognises how much this age group has already missed out on vital coursework as the exam syllabus begins. Determining how many laptops are needed will be up to schools and local authorities. No official numbers have been given yet.

Secondary school leaders broadly welcome the scheme but point out the need for other years to be included too. Geoff Barton, leader of the ASCL headteachers union, calls for a “real sense of urgency” in provision. He adds that families of pupils in other years may also lack the equipment needed to keep up with remote learning. Anne-Marie Canning, Chief Executive of the Brilliant Club, which helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds to get into universities, warns that “digital exclusion” in education is already failing many students, who do not have access to the required technology. Paul Whiteman, leader of the National Association of Head Teachers, hopes that “significant logistical challenges” can be overcome for the scheme to be rolled out successfully.


Supporting every student is an aim for all schools. Unfortunately many have such tight IT budgets that procuring new laptops in the required volumes can be well-nigh impossible. We can supply new laptops at heavily-discounted prices, but if further savings are needed, we also have a smart, greener alternative: remanufactured.

Clarion’s Remanufactured Laptops for Education programme affords the same guarantees as buying new – but without the hefty price tag, and with sustainability in mind too. It’s made possible because large corporations upgrade their IT so regularly that many nearly-new laptops are discarded way before they need replacing. Benchmark testing by Cranfield University shows that these laptops still retain up to 97% of their functioning capacity. This figure is more than adequate for their continued use, with no discernible difference from when the laptop was first used.Laptops-for-students-HP-Dell-Lenovo

By way of our remanufacturing process, we give these laptops a new lease of life. This goes way beyond the type of cosmetic makeover you may get from so-called refurbished or used schemes.


We supply schools with high quality, branded laptops, re-purposed to the most exacting standards. Every laptop is inspected, checked, and re-built by skilled computer technicians in a £2.5m purpose-built factory . Expert testing like this enables us to guarantee consistent quality across large volumes of the same specification laptop.

Our remanufacturing regime is so good that our laptops are often indistinguishable from new.

  • 5-hour re-manufacturing process
  • 100-point quality check to ISO8887 quality standards
  • Extensive testing, replacement of worn components
  • Brand new battery and SSD drive for every laptop
  • Laptops re-sprayed in soft touch matt or gloss colour-match paint finish
  • 3-year advance replacement warranty
  •  Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 10 Professional-enabled


Our remanufactured laptops come from the likes of HP, Lenovo and Dell. All are highly-regarded brands with a proven track record in the business world. Subscribing to our Remanufactured programme enables schools, colleges and universities to get enterprise-grade laptops, with specifications to match.

  • Intel Core i5 CPU (4th/5th/6th Gen)
  • 8Gb RAM as standard
  • 240Gb/256 Gb SSD
  • Tested battery (90-day warranty)
  • ‘Grade A’ HD screen (minimum)
  • AC wireless for high speed networking
  • Supplied with OEM Windows licence


All our remanufactured laptops carry a zero carbon footprint.

Schools joining our remanufactured programme will be achieving much more than just buying laptops for students. Through a global co-venture project with WeForest, we plant five trees for every laptop sold. WeForest aims to plant 1.5 million trees by 2021. Supporting their work across the world preserves the planet, and combats climate change. Reforestation projects transform landscapes and communities, creating new businesses and providing meaningful jobs for local people.

At every stage we promise to do everything we can to minimise the impact on the environment. For example, in the UK laptops are bulk-packed and transported in biodegradable or recycled packaging. Yes it’s a small gesture but it does mean we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.


Save money, save the planet. Clarion’s Remanufactured Laptop programme is a no-brainer for any academic faculty with a green procurement policy.

Recognising the constraints on educational budgets, we are confident that our remanufactured laptops can save schools, colleges and universities thousands of pounds in IT procurement. Our extensive remanufacturing process guarantees consistency on high quality, leading brand laptops at a fraction of the price they would cost if bought new. Moreover we support it with a fully certified sustainability programme so educational providers can demonstrate and announce that they are meeting their environmental obligations.

Clarion has long been a champion of more sustainable products. Call us on 0333 222 6633 or email us if you need to procure high quality, low-cost laptops at bulk prices.

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