Video conferencing has been around for a while but StarLeaf is the only vendor to offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

With extensive security features built in as standard, StarLeaf is a great choice for any organisation seeking a professional, enterprise-grade platform.


Even before Covid-19, many businesses were already using video conferencing to encourage staff to connect remotely. Virtual meetings in huddle rooms or larger conference suites have been made possible by advances in HD video and audio technology. Businesses have saved a fortune in travel time, as employees can join meetings from any location and use video to discuss projects with colleagues on a face to face basis.

StarLeaf-video-conferencin-meeting-taking-placeNow more of us are adapting to this new way of working, as coronavirus forces vast numbers of people to work from home. Keeping in touch professionally and personally, whilst maintaining social isolation, has become the norm. Organisations like businesses, schools and even governments, are using video conferencing to enable staff, customers and other parties to connect and collaborate remotely.

With online communication at unprecedented levels, the need for security has never been greater. Covid-19 has shown that some conferencing platforms – perhaps originally designed for social use – seem more susceptible to hacks and cyber threats than others. No organisation wants to risk this so they are turning instead to proven secure and reliable solutions like StarLeaf, a trusted video conferencing name in the business world.


StarLeaf has been providing top quality, enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions since 2008. Its intuitive user interface and extensive back-end support ensure that StarLeaf ticks all the right boxes for both conference attendees as well as IT procurement managers. Recent research, involving 17 leading enterprise video providers, ranked StarLeaf  #1 for video meeting venues used daily, and #2 for overall brand perception.

Everyone can quickly appreciate how simple StarLeaf is to install, and how easy it is to understand. Users especially love that it integrates seamlessly with other conferencing platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Google, Slack and Zoom. Up to 100 attendees at any one time can experience high-definition video and wide-band audio across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. StarLeaf comes with all necessary hardware and software, configurable to meet the needs of any size of business.

StarLeaf is not just great for users. Its excellent reputation for reliability, coupled with leading-edge security features, means that it ticks all the right boxes for IT professionals too.


starleaf-network-protectionStarLeaf designs and owns its entire platform outright – unlike some rivals, which rely on third-party cloud-based partners. By creating its own system infrastructure, StarLeaf controls and logs every byte of data and line of code downloaded through its system.

This data is transmitted through a network of StarLeaf data centres, known as Points of Presence (PoPs). These are located at multiple destinations around the world. In the unlikely event that any PoP should fail, the StarLeaf platform is fully redundant, which means the data is automatically transferred to the next data centre with no loss of connectivity. For users it means safe, super-efficient, low latency call routing at all times.

Through this point-to-point ownership, and its widely-distributed platform architecture, StarLeaf can meet, manage and respond to changing usage and service requirements more quickly and efficiently than any other video conferencing platform.


Keeping communication channels open, and systems running properly, is essential for any business. In some organisations the use of video conferencing has become almost as pervasive as telephony. Recognising that video downtime can affect productivity, StarLeaf makes reliability a major priority in its service agenda.

Platform ownership has given StarLeaf complete control over its system, enabling it to offer industry-leading reliability to help keep users connected. It is the only video conferencing provider to offer customers a 99.999% uptime guarantee.  StarLeaf customers can rely on the service to be available at all times.

So confident is StarLeaf of this reliability that they also reassure customers with a unique Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA promises that business will not suffer from service outages, which amount to less than 5.5 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year. As of May 2020, StarLeaf has NEVER had a system outage.


As businesses encourage more staff to engage in video conferencing, it is essential that the system they are using remains secure. Organisations need to be confident that their video service provider has a robust, impregnable system that can be trusted with company data.

StarLeaf has invested heavily in system security, achieving ISO/IEC 27001 certification. Internationally recognised, ISO27001 is the highest level security and compliance accreditation. For customers it means they can be sure their data is secure because the StarLeaf service, standards and protocols are certified to be the best they can be.

No company takes security more seriously than StarLeaf. The measures it has taken mean customers can be completely confident that their data and processes are always safely protected.


Data protection is a hot issue, so businesses using video conferencing must be sure their system complies with all local content and data regulations – GDPR for example. Video conferencing extends beyond the straight transmission of files and media streams. It also includes a potential minefield of sensitive personal identifier information, such as attendee names, phone numbers, email addresses and IP locations.

For this reason all data sent through StarLeaf is isolated, encrypted and authenticated, using the most up-to-date and secure cryptographic methodology. StarLeaf customers can choose any location, normally within their jurisdiction, as a storage point for their data. While the customer is always in control, a dedicated team of StarLeaf security experts is also on hand, helping them manage their data legally in line with local protection guidelines.

StarLeaf complies with data regulations across all regions, processing and transmitting under ISO/IEC27001 certification, thereby reassuring customers their data is always safe.


StarLeaf is an enterprise-grade video conferencing platform, with an outstanding record for reliability and state-of-the-art security. Why not equip your staff with the safest, most reliable video conferencing system for their online meetings? Contact Clarion’s conferencing experts and we will help you install StarLeaf for your organisation.


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