What Is Unified Communications?

Communication, Collaboration and Growth – Bringing Your Business Communication Methods Into One Unified Solution

Unified communications is a term used in many modern tech spaces but how many of us really know what it is and the benefits it could bring to a business? Usually, unified comms refers to multiple forms of real-time communications such as voice, video, platform integrations and instant messaging being integrated into one space.

With the right UC solution, your business can fully benefit from true workforce mobility and keep all your comms platforms in one manageable place. But what are the key benefits that unified communications can bring a growing business and what do you need to consider before choosing a solution? This is where we come in. Read on to find out what your business might be missing out on and learn about what UC is.

What Is Unified Comms?

Unified Communications is a term that encapsulates a variety of communication tools and technologies, blending them into a seamless, integrated system. Effective business communications on the move make a big difference in how you perform in comparison to your competitors, but with the sheer number of communications and collaboration technologies available being so varied, each with advantages depending on your requirements, it is important to select the right UC package for your business needs.

Unified communications / conference call / video conference / webchat

Due to the ISDN Switch-Off and the evolution of modern technology, businesses across the UK are being forced to replace their traditional voice-centric PBX systems with unified communications solutions. Unified comms connects your various comms methods into one cohesive solution, enabling productive interaction through instant messaging, VoIP Phone Systems, Conferencing capabilities and more. UC solutions can be delivered in the form of IT infrastructure installed on your site or a contemporary cloud-based service, depending on your chosen solutions and infrastructure.

At Clarion, we can help you redefine your comms infrastructure and build you a seamless unified communications solution that works for you.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications solutions offer a host of advantages that can propel your business to new heights and improve staff productivity. Here are just a few:

Improved Collaboration

Imagine an office where communication between teams flows seamlessly, with no barriers between in-office workers and remote staff and a host of different devices and platforms being utilised to reach the department you require. This is the reality Unified Communications (UC) brings to the table, transforming the way teams collaborate and interact. By blending the different branches of communication – email, instant messaging, phone systems, video conferencing, and more – into a single, intuitive interface, UC eliminates the friction and fragmentation that can bog down teamwork.

Our UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions are designed to empower your workforce to thrive in the modern, mobile-first world. Gone are the days of toggling between different apps to find your conversations or scrambling to find the right device for the task. Whether your team members are collaborating in a video meeting, sharing report insights via instant messaging, or coordinating efforts with integrated phone systems, they’re doing so with unparalleled ease and efficiency with a solution that not only simplifies access to all communication channels but also enriches the collaboration experience.

Cost Savings

These days, cost-effectiveness is paramount in any business decision, big or small. Unified Communications (UC) stands out as a beacon of financial savvy for businesses. Being able to consolidate, condense or cut any external costs is a big priority for many business owners. This is exactly what UC offers.

The magic of UC lies in its ability to consolidate disparate communication tools into a harmonious, easy-to-manage platform. The power to tailor your communication package to your business’s fluctuating needs as it scales ensures that you’re never weighed down by surplus services, devices, unnecessary subscriptions, or idle resources. This adaptability combined with the ease of consolidation is crucial for avoiding the pitfalls of overinvestment, making UC a paragon of cost-efficiency.

For example, with phone systems such as 3CX, you’re not only utilising an already cheaper phone system but are also encouraged to make use of its many platform integrations. From WhatsApp to Teams, you can combine your phone system with your instant messaging platform to combine your communications into one place. And, to top it off, the softphone feature of 3CX Phone System means that you can say goodbye to your expensive comms hardware and work from your mobile device.

Enhanced Customer Experience

At the heart of every successful business is the prioritisation of their customers and their experience with a business. Being able to contact your customers quickly and efficiently is key to ensuring that their questions are answered. By seamlessly integrating UnifiedCommunications solutions with digital touchpoints like webchats, instant messaging, and call centre platforms, businesses can forge a direct and dynamic connection with their audience with minimal delay. Integrations such as these facilitate not just fast communication, but meaningful interaction, allowing for real-time feedback and service adjustments that resonate deeply with your customers and suppliers.

Real-time interactions are the fuel that grows an environment of immediacy and relevance, crucial factors in building trust and satisfaction among your audience. Ultimately, Unified Communications reshapes the customer experience landscape by reducing the amount of work required for your staff to complete their interactions, prioritising swift and personalised services and reducing the wait times for your audience. This strategic emphasis on enhancing customer interactions not only boosts satisfaction levels but also strengthens the overall relationship between businesses and their customers.

Work With Clarion?

Unified Communications is not just a trend or fleeting buzzword; it’s a transformative tool being utilised by thousands of businesses around the world and has reshaped the landscape of business telecoms. If you are looking to make such an impact on your business processes, then you will want an experienced supplier to guide you through the migration.

Here at Clarion, we have over 20 years experience in reshaping business telecoms. Our focus is always on the unique needs of your team and business, intending to provide our customers with the best Unified Comms solution and giving you a service that delivers.

To hear more about 3CX, Teams and our full range of UC packages, contact our team today.

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