What Is Voice And Video Conferencing?

How the world conducts business has evolved over the last few years. From adopting more sustainable processes to how we communicate with our employees and customers, there’s been advances and changes in almost every sector and industry. One of the most notable changes that impact the working world is the advancement in voice and video conferencing.

With so many more remote or hybrid workers than ever before, video conference meetings have become a staple in our daily lives. By enabling your organisation to communicate and collaborate no matter where in the world you are, conferencing technology opens the client and talent pool to marvellous new heights.

But, as audio and video conferencing become essential tools in a modern company’s toolbelt, more and more innovative solutions are being introduced to the market. To ensure that you invest in the right conferencing solution, you need to know what voice and video conferencing are and the benefits that they offer.

How does voice and video conferencing work?

Voice or audio conferencing is very similar to a phone call, just more advanced. In an instance where two or more individuals in various locations are meeting, they need to dial into a central cloud system that connects them rather than directly dialling each other. This conferencing bridge technology aims at providing a communication and collaboration solution that allows numerous attendees to call at the same time.

Video conferencing is a live, visual connection between two or more remote parties. The video conferencing process involves the transmission of visual data as well as audio data using various VoIP technologies to connect all the remote parties in a face-to-face online meeting. Think of it like a FaceTime call, only more advanced.

In its simplest form, video conferencing provides video transmission between two locations over the internet that simulates a face-to-face meeting. In the more advanced and preferred video solutions, screen sharing, call recording and many more features are made available during your video call.

To use a voice or video You’ll typically need to have video conferencing equipment like a microphone and video camera or webcam (which are usually built into your phone or laptop already). Like audio conferences, you can join a video conference by using a central dial-in number or clicking a meeting link.

Here at Clarion, we work with trusted video conferencing partners to provide businesses, schools and other institutions with a single communications platform that future-proofs their communication infrastructure. Our conferencing services are easy to install and are fully integrated – giving you complete control of Unified communications.

Benefits of video conferencing

In the evolving world of business communications, desktop video conferencing and softphone video conferencing is an integral feature of any unified communications infrastructure. With sales no longer being confined to the limitation of driving distance and more employees working remotely than ever before, businesses can now accommodate these changes with video communication.

Reduce travel costs

In the not-so-distant past, nearly all business meetings happened face-to-face, which involved lots of travel and time. With the advancement of conferencing technology, digital meetings have become a cost-effective and efficient way for companies to conduct meetings without the need for physical presence.

With video conferencing tools, employees and customers can participate in meetings from almost anywhere – if there is a good internet connection. This eliminates the need for long business trips to attend in-person meetings, countless hours saved on the road and fewer expenses leaving your account.

Better For The Environment

One of the easiest and most impactful things that businesses can do to improve their carbon footprint is to hold more virtual meetings. Driving, commuting or flying to meetings uses lots of energy and burns a concerning amount of fuel – generating high levels of carbon dioxide. Videoconferencing and virtual meetings are changing the ways we meet and do business, saving the planet in the process.

By reducing the harm created by the paper waste printed, petrol burned to travel, and other necessities of in-person meetings, businesses can make huge steps in protecting the environment.

A single attendee of an in-person conference in 2019 had the same environmental footprint as 7,000 virtual conference attendees.

University of Texas at Austin

Increased communication

Video conferencing technology has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to improve communication and collaboration, not only with their customers but also among teams working remotely. Being able to simply join a virtual conference call from any location instead of having to travel into the office or plan a business trip means your employees can communicate more than ever before.

Like in-person meetings, attendees of a video conference benefit from seeing each other’s facial expressions and body language – avoiding any misunderstandings – and with the ability to share screens, documents and resources in real-time, team members can collaborate more effectively and build a more effective team.

Simple to use

A video conferencing solution is not only easy to set up but it’s also easy to manage and maintain. Our advanced reporting and billing system allows you to easily manage your entire conferencing estate with minimal administration and the business-class video conferencing solutions are delivered through simple-to-use cloud-based conferencing software.

This effective plug-and-play approach means that almost anyone can use a video conferencing system, no matter their IT skills.

Video Conferencing Solutions With Clarion

If you are searching for a more modern business communication solution that saves you time, money and resources, then our communication experts can help. To find a solution that offers quality communication and minimal maintenance, contact our team today.

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