Why Are Schools Opting For 3CX Phone System?

Schools and Colleges are safe havens for our children and communities to learn and grow. But with the ever-evolving digital landscape offering new and exciting ways for schools to connect with families and students, how can they ensure their infrastructure is up-to-scratch? With advanced security features, cost-effective billing structures and a host of advanced features, 3CX Phone System has emerged as the ideal telecoms solution.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for flexible, hybrid phone solutions has been a constant struggle for those in Academia. As a sector, the big digital migration has been a long-awaited solution that has seen the number of educational institutions looking to enhance their communication capabilities skyrocket. To combat these increasing demands, many schools and academies have turned to 3CX for their new VoIP phone systems.

But what are the benefits of 3CX and what can the system do for a school like yours? Read on to find out.

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    What is 3CX Phone System?

    Telecoms revolutionised. 3CX is a modern, software-based phone solution that offers flexible and cost-effective solutions to schools, colleges, and universities across the world. The ideal alternative to a traditional PBX telephone system, 3CX is adaptable and can be either hosted on the cloud or on-premises, depending on your infrastructure and requirements.

    The innovative VoIP phone system comprehensively outperforms many of the outdated analogue competitors and offers users enhanced functionality and dozens of useful features as standard. With the ISDN Switch-off shaking up the UK’s entire telecoms infrastructure, 3CX gives schools a low-cost, high-reward lifeline to those still waiting to migrate to VoIP.

    By offering a flexible approach to unified communications that skips the overly complicated maintenance that many PBX systems are stuck with, 3CX Phone Systems offers multiple opportunities to encourage and facilitate learning and save money on expansion and set-up.

    What 3CX Features Benefit Education?

    Easy setup and adoption

    Does your school still rely on a traditional PBX telephone system? Then you will know all too well the complications that come with maintaining them. In most schools, the available IT skillset will vary from department to department and the task of learning a new phone system will cause more stress than worth. Fortunately, a VoIP platform like 3CX is ideal for those who keep the IT department’s number of speed dial. When it comes to simplicity for your faculty and staff, 3CX can guarantee a stress-free and simple solution.

    With a host of communication solutions available to the academic sector, finding a system that meets your current requirements, improves efficiency and offers some additional features can be a tough order to fill. As the central communications system for your campus, 3CX can connect staff members and students with benefits for everyone and offers flexible hosting and set-up options.

    With Clarion’s fully managed 3CX migration, the VoIP phone system is hosted in multiple data centres, reducing the requirement for hardware on-site.

    Controlled Access & Security

    Academic institutions need to maintain continuously controlled and secure access to areas on their site such as offices, classrooms, and halls. As an education-focused system, 3CX supports a host of popular video door phone devices which can be used with 3CX which allows remote security and maintenance of those restricted areas.

    Another impressive 3CX feature is the PA announcement systems connected to 3CX. For larger schools, it allows personnel to perform announcements in common areas, classrooms and halls and even broadcast safety procedures.

    The most popular of 3CX’s safety features is the call recording tool. When you record a call, the user can save both the inbound and outbound conversations for future reference. This not only helps protect your team during an unfortunate call but also helps with future training and safeguarding.

    Reduced Telephony Costs

    3CX is a great phone system for education for many reasons, but the most notable would be the substantial cost savings that it offers. In many traditional telephony contracts, an additional monthly maintenance contract is also required, with occasional intimidating repair bills. Since 3CX is a regularly updated software-based phone system that is deployed in the cloud, these maintenance costs are nullified.

    Another great cost-saving feature is the simultaneous call license model. In short, there is no per-extension licensing. Many educational institutions are stung by high telephony costs as most operators charge per user/per line, which is unhelpful within schools as the number of concurrent calls can vary drastically. Unlike traditional systems, 3CX charges are based on simultaneous calls. To top it off, there are even monitoring tools that users can utilise on days when the number of simultaneous calls increases.

    How Can Clarion Help?

    For over 20 years, Clarion has been working with the education sector as a leading provider of VoIP phone systems and has helped hundreds of universities, colleges, and other further education centres upgrade their telecoms infrastructures. Over the years, we have worked hard to understand the unique requirements that schools have and are continuously looking to advance our available solutions to match. As Titanium 3CX partners, we are the ideal providers for busy education institutions that want a unified communications solution.

    To begin your VoIP migration today or to hear more about what 3CX has to offer, contact our team.

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