Integrate the 3CX Phone System with Microsoft Teams

Would you like to integrate your 3CX Phone System with Microsoft Teams?

If your staff are already familiar with MS Teams,  it’s now possible to run Teams from your 3CX phone system as a single user interface for chat, conferencing and voice. Call2Teams allows you to connect both systems into a truly unified, central communications console. Make calls, collaborate with colleagues, share files, and send messages on any device with full MS Teams capability. Work in the office and remotely, using all the convenient Teams options, whilst remaining fully connected through your existing phone platform.

Call2Teams acts as a ‘bridge’ between 3CX and MS Teams, making communication seamless, with improved productivity for all users.

What is Call2Teams?

Call2Teams is a cloud-based service which connects Microsoft Teams to your existing on-premise or hosted PBX phone system. Simple to install, with no special hardware or software required, it enables you to link 3CX to Teams, and bring all your users under one platform across all devices.

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As a Titanium Partner for 3CX, Clarion can help you set up Call2Teams. Please get in touch with us if you would some help integrating Teams with your 3CX phone platform.

Key Benefits

Seamlessly integrates 3CX Phone System with Microsoft Teams

Simple set up - no hardware or software required

Works with existing phone set-up - no changes required

Enables Voice, Conferencing, Messaging & Collaboration across multiple devices

Flexible deployment - on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both

Saves money - lower cost alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans

Enterprise-grade security across Microsoft Azure global infrastructure

No minimum user restrictions


Easy to set up

With Call2Teams, there is no software or hardware to install, and there are no upfront costs. Set-up is easy, just add more Teams users as you would a new phone.

Improved Communication

With Call2Teams, your employees can make Teams calls, send messages, exchange ideas and collaborate from anywhere – and all whilst using the award-winning 3CX Phone System.


You retain all your existing call centre services, handsets, numbers and integrations. There is no need to change anything to benefit from Call2Teams – it’s completely hassle-free.

Works Across Multiple Devices

Call2Teams works across multiple devices, providing Teams connectivity between computers, laptops and phones.

Simple Per User Pricing

Flexible billing, and a more affordable option than a Microsoft Calling Plan. Choose from 1-5000 users, with per user per month provisioning and a pay-as-you-go subscription model.

Microsoft Azure infrastructure

Operates in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, a global infrastructure with around the clock monitoring, and enterprise-grade security.

One Click Deployment

Call2Teams deploys in just one click. It’s so simple that  you don’t need any specialist skills. Deployment is fast and easy, either on-premise, hosted, or hybrid.

No Training Necessary

As your employees are already familiar with 3CX and Microsoft Teams, no additional training is required so there is no interruption to everyday workflows.

Call2Teams for 3CX – How It Works

Call2Teams connects 3CX and other business phone systems, or SIP Trunk provider, to Microsoft Teams.

Call2Teams for 3CX - diagram

  • Call2Teams creates a link on the 3CX phone system between an individual SIP registration, and a user on Microsoft Teams.
  • Think of a Teams user in the same way as you would connect another  phone to your 3CX system. Each Teams user you wish to connect would require an individual SIP registration.
  • Users can keep their current SIP desk phone, and use Microsoft Teams as an extra means to make and take calls.
  • Activate Call2Teams by adding a MS Phone System licence to your existing Microsoft tenant.
  • Clarion can arrange all this for you, and provide any support required during the implementation period and beyond.


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