Integrate your Phone System with SIMS

More than 20,000 schools use Capita SIMS as their CRM. For many years SIMS has been a standalone system, which means its full capabilities have never been realised.  With the advent of a new phone integration option, SIMS users have every reason to look forward to a far quicker way of getting the information they need.


SIMS integration for schools makes it much easier for school admins to access the information they need. With more accurate information readily to hand, staff can respond more efficiently to queries, enabling the school to build better relationships with parents.


See here for a demonstration of Click to Dial and Screen Popping >>


SIMS integration – a huge step forward

Clarion makes it possible for schools to integrate SIMS with their telephone system, thereby introducing all the time-saving features which school administrators have been requesting:

  • Click to dial from SIMS
  • Caller Preview to show the parent name when ringing
  • Screen pop to SIMS contact upon answer

Saving Time for School Administrators

For schools wishing to provide a faster, more personalised service to parents (and pupils) this is a huge step forward.

Schools that link their phone systems to SIMS will be able to handle calls and queries more quickly. Just to be able to clearly see a child’s name, displayed in full on the screen, will save hours of time for staff who may not immediately recognise it, so waste valuable time typing in details, and making sure they have the correct spelling.

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