Clarion IT and Telecoms Solutions for Education

As educational budgets continue to be stretched, schools, colleges and universities must find ways to make their IT spend go further. The key to getting the most out of your IT budget is to adopt innovative technology into your school’s infrastructure. Through modern and flexible VoIP Phone Systems, proactive IT support,  sustainable hardware procurement and reliable connectivity solutions, the UK’s academic institutions can reshape their students’ learning and improve collaboration.

3CX Phone System for schools


VoIP Phone system for Schools, Universities and Colleges

3CX Phone System eliminates the cost and maintenance headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems as well as the limitations of hosted phone solutions. Effortlessly switch your institute to a new era of telephony with our hybrid VoIP telephone system.


Seamlessly Blending Your School’s Phone System and MIS

A 3CX integration for your school’s MIS makes it much easier for school admins to access the necessary information instantaneously. With more accurate data readily to hand, staff can respond more efficiently to queries, enabling the school to build better relationships with parents and keep their students safe.

Wifi solutions for schools


Wifi Solutions That Keep Schools, Academies and Colleges Connected

Through Clarion’s network of WiFi solutions and the Connect The Classroom scheme, we can upgrade your networking infrastructure and elevate your students’ digital learning experiences.


Protect Your Students From Online Threats and Harmful Content and Intrusive Malware

With our advanced digital safeguarding tools, which use pioneering real-time content filtering, you can create a safer digital environment for young people on your premises.



Inventry Self Sign-In Visitor Management System

Our Visitor Management system is a software-based solution which integrates with MIS providers and Phone Systems


New And Refurbished Laptops For School And Colleges

By following the industry’s most thorough and controlled remanufacturing regime and providing sustainability-focused recommendations, we give IT Hardware a new lease of life, benefitting both your budget and green procurement policy.

Refurbished laptops for education


By working with Clarion, you gain access to cost-effective IT solutions, contribute to a more sustainable planet and take a proactive stance against Climate Change. As dedicated supporters of eco-friendly initiatives – such as tree planting, remanufacturing programs, and hardware buy-back initiatives – we empower schools, academies and colleges to achieve their sustainability goals and save some money on their IT budget.

Our commitment goes beyond cost-effective IT solutions; we’ve assisted schools in reducing their IT expenses by providing top-tier remanufactured equipment. Additionally, our partnership with Carbon Footprint UK furthers our mission. Together, we raise awareness and support the Tree Planting initiative, enabling you to make an even more significant positive impact. Choose Clarion to embrace sustainability in education and make a meaningful difference for our planet.


Comms Transformations, VoIP Upgrades, Hosted Solutions and so much more in UK schools.

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