Staff Awareness

£30 per user

Remote Workers

£12 per user

Phishing Staff Awareness

£15 per user

GDPR Email Misuse

£4 per user

Information Security

£15 per user

At Clarion we believe that it is fundamental to the Security of any business that staff are properly trained to be vigilant of potential risks so that they can do their bit to minimise the chance of a breach.

 We have teamed up with IT Governance to provide E-Learning courses that allow your organisation to increase employee awareness and comply with regulations.



  • Empowers Employees – Make sure everyone in your team is aware of their responsibilities and receives the same training
  • Builds Awareness – Reinforce knowledge amongst staff as part of an ongoing awareness training programme
  • Safeguards Your Data  – Train your staff on best practice to help prevent a data breach or security incident
  • A First Line of Defence – The best technology is of little use if staff are not adequately trained on how to look out for potential threats
  • GDPR Compliance – Show your staff how to manage and handle data to meet GDPR guidelines and avoid fines for failure to comply


All our staff awareness courses have been developed by industry experts, to ensure content is accurate and up-to-date.  Other benefits of our e-learning suite include:

  • Performance Tracking – enhances understanding and guarantees results
  • Progress Reports – download for auditing purposes
  • Device Compatibilty – our courses can be viewed on desktops, mobiles or tablets
  • Customisation Options – add bespoke links to company documents and policies
  • Flexible Payment with annual renewals
  • Online Support – our E-Learning support team is available to help
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