Are you spending more than you need to on Gas and Electricity?


Schools, colleges and universities are high users of energy so should be able to negotiate the keenest rates. Unfortunately many still end up with high utility bills because it is so difficult to make comparisons between providers. It shouldn’t be like this. As charges can be shown upfront, energy procurement ought to be one area of budgetary certainty for any academic institution.

Clarion’s independent Energy Procurement programme helps Education managers make a more informed choice. We simplify the process and allow you to regain control.


As a leading provider of business solutions, Clarion has ongoing contracts with 20 major energy suppliers. We deal with the biggest players in the market, as well as their smaller, more nimble rivals. Through our relationships with them, we are able to offer a full market comparison, and an independent energy procurement strategy to secure the keenest rates for your business.

Key Benefits

Independent energy advice across the whole market

Comparison quotes from up to 20 leading energy providers

Utility cost control for the Education sector

Best spot and advance energy rates

Proactive account management

Simple billing, single point of contact

Green energy tariffs available

Our Energy Procurement Service

Market Monitoring

Energy tariffs can vary by up to 20% between suppliers, as market forces dictate pricing. We continually monitor the market and get to know energy usage patterns in your business. Our access to the market gives you a much greater choice than any single supplier could offer.

Innovative Solutions

You won’t need to wait for a grand annual announcement from your energy supplier to hear about new market initiatives. We’ll let you know straight away when options like Smart Meters and Half Hourly billing present immediate opportunities to cut your bills.

Cost Control

We use our bulk purchasing power to buy at the right time, and pass the best deals on to you. This includes the scope to forward-price contracts, so you can lock in energy price savings, even when your existing contract has a few months to go. Our simple, concise billing documents make charges completely transparent, with an option to leave at each renewal.

Green Energy Tariffs

Clarion is a great supporter of sustainable business solutions. Many providers now provide green energy tariffs designed to help lower your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. We will help you tick all the right boxes to support your environmental commitment.

Account Management

As your single point of contact, we will remove the stress and time spent dealing with different providers. We will proactively manage your account to make sure you never fall into higher out-of-contract rates, and we’ll handle any transitions from one utility supplier to another.



Review your current energy expenditure in 5 simple steps.

If you think you are paying too much for your Gas & Electricity why not ask us to conduct a market review?

  1. Enter your details for us to get in touch
  2. Provide copies of your most recent Gas and Electricity bills
  3. Provide an official signed Letter of Authority that allows us to go to market on your behalf
  4. We will compare your current prices with other rates available
  5. We send you a market comparison quote for evaluation

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