Clarion is a leading Telecoms and ICT supplier with more than 10,000 UK customers. For more than 20 years, organisations of all sizes have been coming to us for their business telephony solutions. Through a roster of initiatives, including our unique sustainable programme, we have time and time again massively undercut alternative Telephone System quotes. Clarion customers always get the very best value for money, backed by service levels that will make your Expense Management business shine too.

Telecoms expertise

As experts in our field, we can help you to achieve the most competitive telecoms rates for your clients. We know precisely where it is possible to drill down costs, and how to measure the true TCO of any telephony proposal. We work with the major telecoms companies in Europe, deploying our substantial buying power to create economies of scale for your procurement partners.

Make Clarion your preferred supplier of Voice solutions and let the savings speak for themselves.


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    Our flagship offer is an award-winning, 3cxsoftware-based phone solution, providing fantastic value for businesses of all sizes. Simple, flexible and affordable, it eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional systems, and offers significant savings over more expensive hosted platforms.

    • Core offer – an award-winning software based phone system
    •  Technical expertise – comprehensive back-up from training to installation
    •  Superior service – industry-renowned response times and support levels
    •  Progress reports – tailor-made updates and action reports


    Recognising that businesses that consume sustainability-tree-plantingless will save more, we’ve built a whole expenditure reduction programme around the concept of sustainable telephony. Unlock the full potential of telecoms expense savings. Include Clarion’s Buy Back and Remanufacturing schemes in your next cost reduction proposal.

    • Buy-back offer for redundant Telephony equipment
    • Remanufacturing division so you can offer Grade A phones at huge discounts
    • Bulk-purchase savings for your clients on Remanufactured Laptops
    • Localised Tree-planting scheme for new system installations



    With our product knowledge, industry experience and support infrastructure, we can help you manage your clients’ cost-reduction expectations, and enhance your own reputation as a leading telecoms expense specialist.

    Remember that BT is planning to phase out ISDN lines in 2025. Your customers are sure to flag this as a reason for upgrading their telephony, a major expense concern. Partner with Clarion and we will help your customers make that switch.

    Talk to us now, and let us demonstrate why Clarion Expense Management should be your first-choice for Telecoms savings.

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