How To Remain GDPR Compliant with Employee Monitoring Software

Tell individuals you want to collect their data.

Under GDPR regulations individuals have the right to know, in most circumstances, that their data is being collected. This means that if you wish to gather any data about them you will need to tell them before you do so.

Explain why you need to collect employee data.

You cannot just collect data for the sake of it. If you are planning to track employee activity on company devices then you will need to explain the reasons why. GDPR guidelines state that: “Personal data shall be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.” It is important to communicate with employees so they understand why the data is being collected. If these reasons change at any time later then you must let employees know you are making a further change.

Get employee permission to gather their data.

At all times it is important to be transparent. When gathering data on people in the EU it is recommended that you provide clear written information on how you plan to collect data about them, then ask them to sign their consent for you to do this. The employee retains the right to withdraw this consent at any time. To avoid issues of trust later, this should be clearly communicated at the outset.

Provide the collected employee data if asked.

At any time an employee can request access for any data you hold about them. Provided you have followed the right steps in explaining why you needed to collect it, and sought their permission beforehand, there is no reason why this should be an issue. Our software makes it easy for you to provide not only performance data, but also any stored data held as part of your GDPR obligation.

Be ready to delete data on request.

If a person wants you to remove data you hold about them then under GDPR they have the “right to be forgotten”. Within our software we provide an easy means for the Administrator to delete personal records without losing data held for the rest of the team.

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