Hosted Telephone Systems

A Hosted Phone Solution puts your school telephone system into a Data Centre rather than on your premises. Calls are made and received over your internet connection. The Phone Service is accessed through IP desk phones (VoIP phones), soft phones (virtual screen-based phones) or a mobile application.

Flexible Working

The way we work is changing. Our hosted solution can be accessed from any location and meets the requirements of the flexible workforce. The mobile application allows users to have a single number that will follow them around and the softphone facilitates home-working as users can connect via a laptop or PC. This drives workforce productivity whilst also reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary travel. We even provide instant messaging, video conferencing and a free audio- conferencing bridge as part of our solution.

Each user will have presence available to them so they are able to see whether colleagues are on the phone or available to take a call as if they are all in the same office.

Business Continuity

Hosted Phone Systems form a key part of any organisation’s continuity planning. Moving the platform into the Cloud as opposed to at a physical location improves your resiliency. If staff can’t make it into the office, there is a power cut or network failure then all users can continue working from anywhere with an internet connection or mobile signal.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our hosted platform is is simple to deploy and easily scalable. Available during Covid-19 for a 90 day period, which we will review regularly throughout the current crisis.

Simply get in touch and one of our hosted VoIP Consultants will happily walk you through all the available options and help you improve the way your school communicates.

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Valid while Covid-19 lasts

Limited Users

Key Benefits

Offer valid for duration of Covid-19 in UK

No capital outlay – charged monthly

Ability to self-administer

Changes & moves instantly applied

Swift deployment and scalability

No Phone System Maintenance Costs

Provides geographical flexibility for staff working

Free inter-site calls

Low or free UK calls and reduced Intl rates

Inbuilt disaster recovery planning as standard

Essential Downloads

Hosted Phone System Buyers checklist

Hosted Phone Systems Security checklist

or simply get in touch and one of our System Consultants will happily walk you through all the available options.

  • "In the end we went for the best value and best technology. The choice was obvious because the simplicity, features and cost-effective capabilities of 3CX really stood out"

    Aron V Davies Education Impact Academy Trust
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