Put more of the funds you raise to better use. Empower your network of volunteers. Easily manage and scale your phone service for specific campaigns. Phone systems for Charities, Third Sector and non-profit organisations are under ongoing pressure to improve communications; at a time of budgetary constraints due to Public Sector cuts and reduced public and government donations.

Our Cloud Based Telephone System offers you a complete, unified solution that seamlessly integrates your communications for increased productivity, mobility and reporting to help achieve these goals – all at an affordable cost.

  • Discounted Pricing For Charity & Not For Profit Sectors
  • Mobile Apps To Keep In Touch With Staff & Volunteers On The Move
  • Free UK Local, National & Mobile Calls
  • Removal Of Phone Line Rental Costs
  • CRM integration For Better Call Handling
  • Easy integration for Remote Workers
  • Easy Scalability for Call Peaks & Troughs
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • 10,000+ Hosted Telephony Customers
  • Buy Back Offer on Existing Hardware

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    • Ongoing squeeze on budgets with the expectation to keep up with digital advances.
    • Head/Branch/Field communication expected to be more cohesive and immediate
    • The need to adapt to peaks and troughs in activity
    • Scaling up and down with ease based on staffing requirements
    • Increasing focus on data security
    • Added demand and increased running costs


    • Improve Comms– Effective use of unified communications allows for better cohesion between staff, volunteers, donors, patients etc.
    • Cost Reduction– Discounted pricing for registered charities and NFP Third Sectors. UK Call and maintenance charges eliminated. Pay-as-you-use model, reducing comms spend and improving expense management.
    • Better Engagement– Database integration for improved call handling and a mobile application allows for more effective communication between employees, volunteers etc.
    • Increased Control– Intelligent Call reporting and traffic-directing based on number dialled, time of day etc puts your staff firmly in charge of call traffic with simple to use self-administration.
    • Call Recording – (and PCI compliant recording) for training, quality control, fault resolution
    • Manage Campaigns – easily scale up adding extra phone extensions quickly and without the need for a site visit

    With over 150 advanced features and automatic free of charge updates; the move to our Cloud Telephony Solution brings increased functionality, greater control and lower costs. Giving the scalability, flexibility and resilience needed across the Charity and Not For Profit Sectors.

    Watch this video to find out more about how our hosted phone system can benefit your charity:

    Clarion Communication ManagementBenefits Of Hosted Phones & Phone Systems For Charities

    We are seeing a huge increase in charitable and non-profit organisations saving money; by moving on from traditional on-premise Phone Systems (PBXs). As they fast become redundant with their limited functionality and expensive maintenance costs. Furthermore, with BT ceasing provision of new ISDN lines from 2020 and looking to phase them out completely by 2025; VoIP Phones and Hosted Telephony are the future.

    Suitable for any size of organisations, our Hosted Phone System offers a comprehensive, fully mobile service; via a simple and intuitive interface. Rather than investing in and maintaining your own office-based hardware, your business receives a highly resilient, feature-rich, voice solution; which is constantly updated at no extra charge.

    Remove or reduce call and rental charges,  eliminate installation and maintenance costs. Updates and new features provided free of charge

    Enables easy performance monitoring and (FCA standard) compliance with 10 year storage

    Swift set-up and roll-out to new users and sites in just a few clicks, without the need for engineers

    Route calls as required based on skills, time of day, traffic levels etc

    Deliver a truly unified communications experience and boost productivity by integrating this with our Hosted Phone System

    Built-in Disaster Recovery allows you to automatically redirect traffic to a predetermined number range  in case of an emergency

    Make and receive calls on your office number on your mobile, display company number and charge calls to your account

    Manage and deploy all your extensions across different locations from a single, easy to use, portal

    Integrate with Outlook and a wide range of CRMs to answer and connect calls from wherever you are

    ACD, IVR, CTI, dialler, recording and reporting functions w seamless integration across voice, email, social media, SMS and chat

    Phones That Are Always Connected

    • AT YOUR DESK   –  Make desk calls from any data connection, with a wide range of feature-rich handsets
    • FROM THE COMPUTER – Use the Softphone App to access directory and make calls, send messages etc
    • ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE – Take your charity number and phone system on the road on iOS or Android

    Why Work With Clarion For Your Charity Phone System?

    For 20 years, Clarion has been a leading provider of Business Telephone Solutions as charity phones and phone systems for non profit sectors.

    Over this time we have successfully managed the implementation of technologically sound, cost-effective voice and data services to over 10,000 public & private sector organisations large and small, across the UK.

    We treat every client experience as unique, carefully taking the time to understand your key motivations and to make sure we match your needs. Any solution we propose is carefully spec’d to make sure it will increase efficiency and productivity for your specific business.

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    • logos-harrow-club"The Team at Clarion have instigated a series of cost-effective improvements to our equipment, network and processes that have significantly enhanced the Harrow Club’s ICT experience for staff and kids alike."

      Tashava Francis The Harrow Club
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