ICT Solutions for Charities

Ever-evolving Technology plays a pivotal role for Charities, as they seek to enhance communication and collaboration between staff, volunteers and supporters.

IT Managers working for Charities or NFPs have to balance their day-to-day responsibilities whilst keeping abreast of changes, and upgrading their ICT infrastructure to keep up. They, the Business Heads and other senior management team members are under constant pressure to implement innovative services often within a tight budgetary framework.

Clarion can help pinpoint, and supply technologies with specific application for the Charity & NFP sector. We understand the challenges faced, having provided charities and similar-minded organisations with intelligent, cost-effective ICT solutions for many years.

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As well as supplying heavily discounted new hardware, Clarion offers a huge range of high-quality, fully-warrantied reconditioned and refurbished IT & Telecoms Equipment. We also have a buy-back scheme for qualifying redundant kit which can help subsidise the cost of replacements and upgrades. Anything that we recycle is done so according to WEEE Regulations and any proceeds from this process are donated back to charity. So you can save money, protect the environment and support a good cause all at the same time.


Protection of confidential information and defence against unwanted intrusion are key priorities for any organisation. Proliferation of Mobile device (incl BYOD) use both on and off site has increased the chances of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Amongst other hard/software security solutions to safeguard information on the physical and wireless network, Clarion offers a range of MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions to protect this data.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Technology offers huge advantages to Charities in terms of flexibility, collaboration, security, savings etc. Clarion can help you evaluate which services and applications to shift to the Cloud and help you negotiate the issues that may arise with the migration and integration of new services with your existing infrastructure.


With 1:1 device initiatives in place and employees and supporters alike increasingly using a wide range of wireless devices – laptops, tablets, iPads etc, it is now a must to ensure that you have high–quality, secure data access on your premises. So take advantage of the latest wireless connectivity solutions to: guarantee ubiquitous, consistently available data, link buildings with site to site wireless, use an integrated PA system with your wireless solution, enjoy cloud-based management of your wireless estate etc.


Data consumption and storage needs continue to rise rapidly at all levels within the Not-For-Profit Sector. E-learning and on-demand staff training resources etc require increasing amounts of bandwidth and while access costs have lowered, financial constraints can still be an issue. Clarion supply a comprehensive set of data products over copper and fibre to suit all budgets. We also offer a number of data back-up solutions combining onsite and cloud technology with intelligent management to minimise the impact on performance of your data line.


We are able to alleviate the pressure on in-house IT Personnel by offering outsourced 1st/2nd/3rd line Support. We can also keep your systems running smoothly when you are not there by providing sickness and holiday cover. We also offer systems audits, consultancy, project-based work and training, reducing the internal burden and complementing your own staff skill sets.


Transcribe and subtitle all of your e-learning digital media recordings, with highly accurate speech recognition software, at a fraction of the cost of traditional transcription services. Information podcasts, filmed events and training modules etc can be easily captured, transcribed and presented and will help to index your audio/video content and make it more searchable online. The software is supported by a simple online-editor to allow for any minor corrections to be made and we offer a language translation service if you are looking to push the content to your overseas partners.

Hosted Telephony

With increased expectations on communication both between internal staff and also with external volunteers and other supporters, it is vital that Charities harness the features a next generation phone system can provide. Our Hosted Telephony solutions offer SIMS integration, Mobile apps to stay connected in-house and off-site, and Teams integration – amongst 150 other features. We are also well aware of budget constraints and offer discounted pricing for charities as well as free calls, removal of line rentals charges and heavily subsidised hardware.

Content Filtering

Protect staff and vulnerable people in your care from harmful online content with our advanced digital safeguarding tools. Using Smoothwall’s pioneering real-time content filtering, we can help you control, monitor and review e-safety across any device on your premises. A powerful reporting suite, with social media filters and BYOD functionality, enables you to detect and prevent any potential e-safety risks, thereby giving everyone you are responsible for the freedom to work and learn without limits.

Contact us today to find out more about these and other ICT Solutions that are helping the Charity Sector stay one step ahead.

  • logos-harrow-club"The Team at Clarion have instigated a series of cost-effective improvements to our equipment, network and processes that have significantly enhanced the Harrow Club’s ICT experience for staff and kids alike."

    Tashava Francis The Harrow Club
  • Logos-IntoUniversity"Clarion advise extensively on IntoUniversity’s voice and data infrastructure. They take care to ensure any of the exceptional services they put forward clearly match our needs and budget – all with an eye to the future. A great company, great products and great people to work with. We wholeheartedly recommend them."

    Enzo Petrasso IT Manager - IntoUniversity
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