Visitor Management for Schools

Not so long ago it seemed the only thing needed to record visitors was a simple sign-in book, requiring just a name, signature and time, perhaps also a vehicle number. Now, the ongoing importance of staff and student safety, coupled with higher levels demanded for security clearance, makes a more professional visitor management system a must for any school, college, university or MAT.  For most, there’s only one name everyone wants on their doorstep.


InVentry Self Sign-in Visitor Management System

InVentry is the clear market leader, with a self-sign electronic visitor management solution already trusted by over 8000 schools and businesses. It’s the first resort for any organisation looking to keep staff and students safe by knowing who is on their premises at any given time.

As an authorised reseller, Clarion provides lifetime support, expert advice and installation – at a great price.

    Key Benefits

    Integrates With Leading MIS Providers Including SIMS & Paxton

    No. 1 Visitor Management Solution For Education

    GDPR Compliant

    Anywhere App Allows Control Remotely

    Audit & Asset Management Feature

    Self-Service 22” Touch Screen With WebCam & ID Badge Printer

    Biometric Software With Facial Recognition

    Fast Track Record & Access For Personnel & Pupils

    Electronic Check-In System Safeguards Staff & Students

    Integral DBS Checker & Health Declaration

    Internal Notifications Sent When Visitors Arrive

    Group Management Options Including Fire Evacuation Roll Call

    What is a Visitor Management System?

    Our Visitor Management system is a software-based solution, which includes an intuitive touch screen, installed at your point of entry. Visitors simply follow the prompts until they are issued with an ID badge and cleared to enter your premises.

    The same system can also be used internally to issue passes for staff and students, to register participant names for trips, to fast-track parents into on-site meetings or events, even to conduct health checks before allowing admission.

    Ideal for areas of high volume traffic, it’s a safe, secure way to manage entry, and keep track of visitors, staff, contractors and pupils coming in and out at all times. Use the system for both external and internal visitors. Cover everything from DBS checks and contractor access, to signing out pupils, and recording any latecomers.

    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Low Cost, Easy Set-up
    • Scalable Solution
    • UC Browser WebRTC
    • VoIP PBX Functionality
    • Secure-By-Design
    • Reporting & Analysis
    • Work Remotely
    • Wall, Counter or Free-standing

    Visitor Management for Schools – Features

    DBS & Safeguarding

    Use Inventry to conduct DBS checks on visitors to safeguard staff and students, and comply with Ofsted requirements.

    Evacuation Control

    Control evacuations, fire drills, field trips and residentials remotely on any smart devices via the Anywhere App.

    MIS Integration

    Seamless integration with your Management Information System (MIS) so all early leavers or late arrivals are accounted for.

    Audit & Compliance

    Move beyond ringbinders by storing your important documents, warranties and certificates electronically for instant access.

    Pupil Management

    Add class lists, registers and field trip attendees so you always know the whereabouts of any pupil at any time.

    Student Sign-In

    Manage and monitor student attendance with quick swipe sign in and out for lateness, appointments and illness.

    Event Group Module

    Save time by pre-booking visitors and groups for parent evenings, fundraisers, open days, site work and meetings.

    Health Declarations

    Prompt any visitor to declare any symptoms of Covid or other health conditions before granting access.


    Make your reception area more professional, and know the whereabouts of any visitor with our market-leading sign-in software. Our Visitor Management for Schools solution is available in counter, wall, or free-standing modes, with all hardware and software included as part of your package.

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