IT Safekeeping Portal

Empower your business with secure IT collaboration

How much time does your organisation spend on seemingly-simple IT-related tasks? Forgotten passwords, lost devices, missing documentation and on-boarding delays all have the scope to tie up  your IT staff for hours on end.

Imagine if all of these issues could be handled from a single portal, with carefully restricted management control so that everything is stored, protected, and readily available. With Clarion’s IT Safekeeping platform, all your essential IT assets are kept in one location, giving your IT team faster access and greater freedom to manage key functions more efficiently, including:

  • Password Management

  • Assets & Documentation

  • On-Boarding / Off-Boarding

Key Benefits

Central management of multiple end-user passwords

Better protection against cyber attacks

Access critical documents immediately

Set individual or multi-user permissions

Reduce daily IT workloads and support-tickets for IT admins

Optimise onboarding and implement self-service training initiatives

Enhance productivity and operational efficiency

SOC 2 Certified platform

Why do it?

it-safekeeping-portalPoor password management causes lost time for employees, and provides a potential entry point into your organisation for cyber criminals. An absence of structured IT documentation can delay completion of everyday and major tasks, potentially leading to financial penalties for non-compliance. These issues are especially acute if you employ a remote workforce, with home networks bringing forth yet more operational and security challenges.

All of these threats fade away when you deploy our peace of mind IT collaboration solution. You get a password vault, help desk knowledge base, and security features like audit trails, and version history via a centrally operated management console, which is SOC 2 Certified.

IT Safekeeping Portal – Key Features

Password Management System

Take greater control of your network’s security through a Password Management System. Reduce cyber security threats and discourage risky practice by storing, and generating passwords from a single account interface, which you manage. From here, authorized personnel can limit access and set privilege levels for multiple or individual users across your entire organisation. Instead of having unlimited software and system log-ins floating around your network, keep passwords close to hand, releasing them only where necessary for staff to do their jobs.

Asset & Document Register

Everyone accepts the need to keep records, yet many organisations have no idea how many devices they hold, where they all are, and what permissions exist to use them. Others get caught out by expiring software, late renewal charges, missing user manuals and inconsistent documentation. Use our Asset & Document Register to maintain up-to-date records of your IT hardware and software. Enable IT admins to meet requests from staff for important information, and allow them to share relevant documentation in a timely and efficient way.

On-Boarding / Off-Boarding

Speed the process of handovers between employees switching roles, starting or leaving the company. Our On-Boarding / Off-Boarding Pathway provides IT admins with a single user interface covering password distribution, and equipment audit forms for new or departing staff. Save time for IT admins by introducing a ticketing system for internal support queries. Empower them to devolve routine IT-related tasks to colleagues for self-service implementation via how-to documents and read-only Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


Transform your IT efficiency in no time. For just a small monthly subcription, available on a per user, or per organisation basis, we can help you dramatically improve your IT operating efficiency.

Clarion’s IT Safekeeping Portal is just one of many initiatives we have come up with for organisations of all sizes. Find out more by calling us on 0333 222 6633, or fill in the form for more information.

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