Access Staff Training Online

Making staff training fun may be a stretch, but any organisation can make it more accessible.

Self-managed, online staff training solutions enable employers to get their workforce up to speed fast – one at a time. Gone are the days of classroom-based induction programmes, as more of us work remotely and training resources have to be used more efficiently. Online learning enables team members to get the information they need, at their own pace, and without call for major HR input.

Gateway to E Learning

Now Clarion is taking eLearning for employees to the next level, with a gateway solution that enables organisations to store, stream and monitor content both internally and externally:

  • Customised Training Pathways
  • Flexible Course Content
  • Central Compliance & Monitoring
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Remote & Office-based Learning
  • Microsoft Modules

Key Benefits

All-inclusive, self-managed training portal

Fully customisable to your company's design

Store and circulate in-house learning material & streaming

Additional content includes up to 5000 Microsoft, Windows & Cybersecurity modules

Create individual learning paths for new starters, colleagues & customers

Completion reports, individual course monitoring, quizzes and certificates

End user dashboards for full self-managed training

Learn anything you need, from any device, from anywhere

How it works: Employer

  1. Log-in to main portal
  2. Customisable command centre
  3. Add own content to existing courses
  4. Set learning targets for staff
  5. Monitor and update training records

How it works: Employee/User

  1. Log-in to personalised user portal
  2. Check training requirement updates
  3. Select courses, videos or modules
  4. Follow online training instructions
  5. Gain certified completion awards

Staff Training Online Portal – Key Features


Create individual learning programmes for colleagues or customers. Grant personalised access to online training material, how-to instructions and interactive content to promote better user understanding of products and policies.


Upload your own in-house training courses, even corporate Youtube videos. Add core in-house training guidelines, like Health & Safety, First Aid, Fire Regs and IT Best Practice. Plus up to 5000 pre-installed short videos covering other subjects like Microsoft & Windows.

Central Compliance & Monitoring

Portal enables you to identify gaps in individual learning records. Send reminders to colleagues to log in, navigate and accomplish outstanding tasks. Monitor for completion until finished confirmations are automatically uploaded to a central employer database.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Create better awareness amongst staff of cyber threats both inside and outside of your organisation. Portal includes end-user training courses, specialist security modules for Small Businesses & Admin staff, regular updates and videos.

Remote & Office-Based Learning

Our Cloud-based learning platform is accessible from any device, from anywhere. All courses are deployable through MS Teams, so remote and office-based staff get equal opportunities and simultaneous access to any new training requirements.

Microsoft-Based Modules

Pre-installed Microsoft training videos fast-track your team through popular everyday apps like Office365, Outlook, MS Teams. Created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs – so you know your team is getting the best, most up-to-date training.


Staff training is a win-win for any organisation. Employees get the skills they need to do their jobs, whilst also enhancing their further career prospects. Employers gain from having a skilled workforce, likely to be more knowledgeable, motivated and accomplished when going about key productivity tasks.

Clarion’s online staff training solutions come with flexible, support packages tailored to fit any size of business. Find out more by sending an email, or calling us on 0333 222 6633, or fill in the form for more information.

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