Losing work or data can have potentially devastating consequences for a business. Making sure that your systems are properly backed up should be central to any ICT strategy.

Relying on Hard-drives or Tape to be swapped out and taken off site comes with its own risks and human resource costs.

We will help safeguard your important company information from equipment failure, human error, force majeure or cyber attack, by synchronising your data to our secure, Cloud Backup facilities.

    Key Benefits

    Data Insurance – with multiple copies at different locations

    Instant restoration – with local NAS for immediate access

    Set & Forget – fully automated back-up

    Previous Version Restore – with frequent snapshots

    Military-grade Security – to safeguard your important data

    Compliant Service – on protection, retention and recovery

    Cloud Backup – In more detail

    Incremental Backups

    You decide what files and services you want included and once the initial upload is complete, any new and changed files are detected and backed up. Intelligent bandwidth management is available to ensure minimum impact on other internet use.

    Hybrid Backup

    We also offer a hybrid on/offsite backup facility with data saved both locally and in the cloud. A network-attached storage (NAS) device (with hot-swappable drive bays) also takes snapshots so that in the event of a disaster a local copy can be ‘spun up’ almost instantly. This local storage device can also reduce the need for purchasing more local storage as data grows.

    With hybrid back up you have enhanced security for peace of mind. Data is held in house behind your own firewall and subject to your own security protocols and procedures. Redundant copies are also stored offsite in secure Data Centre accessible only to you, and at any time.


    As Snapshots of data are taken you can easily roll back to previous versions of saved items you have been working on.

    Automated Upload

    Backups can be scheduled to run automatically at a time and frequency to suit your needs – daily, weekly, monthly – even throughout the day. We offer a secure data shuttle service, direct to our Data Centres, for initial or very large back-up changes to reduce any burden on your data line.

    Compliance Standards

    Rest easy knowing that your data is both safe and compliant with regulatory requirements relating to data protection, retention for a specified period and testing of recovery mechanisms.

    Absolute Security

    Data from your Servers and/or virtual machines is transferred through an SSL encrypted connection to mirrored Data Centres. Each of these is equipped with 24/7 monitoring, biometric scanners, back-up power supplies, temperature control, and fire suppression systems.

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