Access your office desktop, emails, files and other business applications in the cloud – from any device.

Hosted Desktop allows you to work from anywhere there is an internet connection and removes the prerequisites of software installation and dedicated onsite servers.

All the Apps and Data you need are transitioned to Hosted Apps within a Data Centre. So all your staff need is a computer, laptop or smartphone and access to the internet.

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Key Benefits

Access your Office Desktop and Apps from anywhere on any device

Control individual user access to Apps and software

No need for onsite servers and associated maintenance costs

Highly and swiftly scalable

Capex replaced with monthly subscription cost

Fully Managed Integration Service

Hosted Desktop – In more detail

Cost Effective

Replace Capex with easily manageable monthly subscription charges. Remove the need for purchasing onsite systems and paying for maintenance and support costs for hardware and software.


Customise user desktop experience, standardise policies and allow access to the specific software and applications that an individual needs.
Easily scale user numbers and increase data storage.


While you move around, your data doesn’t, which means that if you lose your laptop, your data is still safely stored at the Data Centre.
The service is accessed over a secure connection and hosted at secure Tier3+ UK Data Centres, which means that it is highly resilient and protected from theft or damage.

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