Share presentations, documents, spreadsheets, reports etc. all from one secure online platform.

Enabling easy and swift collaboration, Sharepoint offers a hosted document and data management system that allows Teams to work more productively together, from wherever they are and from any device, without the need for hardware/software to manage.

View and modify in real-time, see past revisions and restore previous versions.

Integrate Sharepoint with Outlook to organise virtual meetings and save time, travel costs and the environment.

Key Benefits

Share Documents and Data from anywhere on any device

Significantly improve Project Management efficiency

Connect colleagues, partners and customers

99.5% uptime Service Level Agreement

Low monthly subscription cost

Fully Managed Service

Inbuilt Anti-virus and Anti-Malware

    Hosted Sharepoint – More Detail

    Project Management

    Avoid sending endless emails, passing work back and forth, and creating confusion over document versions. Identify Team Members and complementary skills. Plug into existing company databases and networks to assist with specific Projects. And connect different Projects together.


    The service is hosted at secure Tier3+ UK Data Centres, which means that it is highly resilient and protected from theft or damage. Hosted Sharepoint comes with a guaranteed a 99.5% availability service level agreement for peace of mind.

    Assisted Set-up

    Our Cloud Consultants offer a fully managed service with initial configuration and transition to Sharepoint and other Cloud Solutions.

    Unified Infrastructure

    Enables you to share documents and data with colleagues, manage projects with business partners and publish information to customers simply and swiftly.

    Advanced Features:

    Task tracking, Forms, Blogs, wikis and RSS feeds available as advanced features.

    Content Management

    Smart features like document type, automatic content sorting and retention policies simplify Content Management.


    You can increase or reduce storage capacity according to the changing data requirements of your users.

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