Suitable for any size business, our Hosted Phone System solutions offer a comprehensive communication service with a full range of fixed and mobile features via a simple, intuitive web interface.
Hosted Telephony puts your phone system in the cloud rather than on your premises. Calls are made and received over a data line. The Phone System is accessed through IP Handsets or soft phones (virtual screen-based phones) and puts at your disposal a plethora of system and call management features.

Hassle-free Provision

We provide all aspects of the service from handsets to network access, service set-up, training and ongoing support, saving you time to concentrate on your business.


You are able to manage your entire organisation’s communications infrastructure from a single, intuitive user-interface, putting you firmly in control.

Individual users can manage their own call handling simply and effectively, indicating availability and maximising productivity. Mobile devices can also be integrated with the system so that you never miss a call.

Key Benefits

No capital outlay – per user monthly subscription fee

Ability to self-administer

Changes & moves instantly applied

Swift deployment and scalability

Highly effective for multi-site organisations

No Phone System Maintenance Costs

Provides geographical flexibility for staff working

Fixed/Mobile integration for seamless communication

Free inter-site calls

Low or fee UK calls and reduced Intl rates

Inbuilt disaster recovery/business continuity as standard

24/7 UK Support

Cost Effective

By choosing a Hosted Telephony solution, you are eliminating upfront system hardware and installation costs and ongoing maintenance charges.
Site-to-site traffic is free, line rentals are heavily reduced and other types of call traffic are substantially cheaper or delivered at no cost at all.
As new features, upgrades and integrations are released, these are automatically rolled out to our users.


As new features, upgrades and integrations are released, these are automatically rolled out to our users.

Business Continuity

Our Hosted Solutions come with Disaster Recovery features built-in so that you can pre-emptively redirect traffic in case of an emergency to a range of predetermined numbers.

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