4G Data Access

A Cellular Ethernet connection offers a secure alternative or diverse back-up to wired connectivity, with coverage across the UK. Easy to deploy, it’s also often used as a temporary solution for businesses that wish to remain connected when re-locating or waiting for the provision of a fibre-based network.  Our solution provides a roaming SIM to ensure that we can obtain the fastest speed available across either EE, 3 or Vodafone.

Reliable, Private & Secure

More than just a mobile Internet solution, Clarion’s Cellular Ethernet service uses the major 4G mobile networks to maintain connectivity across your operations when a wired connection is unavailable. The service continuously checks these networks for any significant drop in signal and performance, upon which it transfers seamlessly to the next strongest connection. All traffic is delivered privately back to the network via discreet interconnects, which means that traffic does not traverse the public Internet, thereby also reducing the need and cost of creating VPNs

When To Deploy Cellular Ethernet

If your business cannot afford to be offline, then Cellular Ethernet is ideal:

  • As a short-term back-up alternative to wired connectivity
  • To cover delays between phone contract handovers where a promised delivery date changes unexpectedly
  • As an extra connectivity layer to maintain business continuity
  • In remote or ‘Not Spots’ areas, where fibre coverage is poor

Key Benefits

Connectivity at all times, even when a wired connection is unavailable

Network independent coverage insulating from mobile network outages

Secure connection across a private network

Fixed IP Addressing enables the configuration of seamless failover from fibre

Deliver single or multiple services over the connection such as Internet and MPLS

Multiple services make this solution ideal for an MPLS failover

Nationwide connectivity as quickly as 5 working days

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