Clarion provide all available types of business-class Broadband. We offer download speeds of up to 24Mbps for Business Broadband and 80Mbps for Fibre Broadband.

How Does it work?

Business Broadband

Business Broadband offers high-speed internet access over a copper line. Voice and Data traffic travels over copper to the local street cabinet and onto the exchange at which point it is connected to the Data Network. Speed can be affected by distance/quality of line from the exchange.

Fibre Broadband

With Fibre Broadband, traffic is carried from the premises to the street cabinet via copper but over fibre from there to the exchange, thus enhancing speeds. You are able to choose from a range of different speeds, and data transfer allowances. Unlike standard broadband, speed is not affected by distance from the exchange

Assured Broadband

Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit which guarantees high quality voice calls (from 5 to 40 channels) by prioritising voice traffic across the network. We only recommend this form of broadband to carry IP voice traffic.

Who is Broadband for?

  • Home workers
  • SME’s
  • Companies where higher bandwidth options sit outside the budget

Related Services

  • Router upgrade to achieve optimal speeds and uptime
  • Broadband Migration Team on hand to help manage transfer of existing circuits
  • Upgrades from Standard Broadband to FTTC where available
  • DNS Hosting
  • Integration with SIP trunks or a Hosted Telephony solution

Key Benefits

Cost effective business solution

Range of speed options and data transfer allowances (incl. unlimited)

99% availability

Dedicated voice-only option

Quick deployment

Monthly or Annual contracts

Choice of installation date and time to suit you

24/7 UK Based Technical Support


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