Offering speeds of up to 35Mbps, EFM is part of the next generation of high-speed, resilient data circuits, delivered over copper rather than fibre.

It fills the gap between business broadband and corporate leased lines – offering a super-fast, uncontended private data circuit with reduced cost and installation times, compared to fibre-optic Ethernet services.

Being delivered over copper, this reduces the ongoing line rental costs and avoids potentially high construction charges and installation time delays.

How does it work?

Targeted at businesses within 5km of the local exchange, EFM is delivered over two to eight copper pairs. The amount of pairs used is determined by bandwidth requirements and distance from the exchange.

Who is it for?

  • Businesses with high bandwidth requirement but below budget for fibre leased line
  • Those wanting to deploy IP Telephony and Hosted Solutions
  • Companies needing a highly resilient data service

Related Services

  • Range of data failover options for 100% resilience
  • Voice and data provisioning
  • Cloud-based service implementation

Key Benefits

High-speed synchronous bandwidth

Uncontended service guaranteeing maximum reliability

Bandwidth options from 2-35Mbps

30 working day installation

Cisco Managed Router with 24/7 UK monitoring and support

9 hour guaranteed fix time

Inherent resilience if individual pairs fail

Range of back-up options


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