Our Leased Line and Ethernet circuits are available at speeds from 10Mbps right up to 10Gbps. They are ideal for carrying high levels of voice, data and internet traffic.

With a range of failover options the service offers 100% uptime. This really is the thoroughbred of the data set.

We have access to PoPs (Points of Presence) throughout the UK, meaning that our likely proximity to client sites will allow us to offer a very cost effective solution.

The service comes with a managed Cisco router to monitor the service with 24/7 UK-based Technical Support on hand.

How does it work?

A Leased Line is a dedicated, uncontended private connection direct from your premises into the Ethernet core network.

It is highly scalable and can be delivered on a large underlying/bearer circuit. This allows for rapid speed increase without new installation or infrastructure costs should you require more bandwidth in the future.

Who is it for?

  • Ideal for organisations looking for superfast, 24/7 data access
  • Growth businesses with increasing bandwidth requirements
  • Companies looking to take advantage of Cloud Solutions, Online back-up etc.
  • Businesses that cannot afford a loss in data connectivity

Related Services

  • Additional Security services – eg firewall provision
  • Various failover options to give maximum resilience
  • Online data back-up solutions
  • Line partition for use of voice services
  • Cloud-based service consultation and implementation

Key Benefits

Superfast synchronous upload and download speeds

Bandwidth options from 10Mbps right up to 10Gbps

Maximum reliability with uncontended service

Zero install cost on 3yr term

Inherently secure point to point service

Cisco Managed Router with 24/7 UK monitoring and support

Ideal for multiple traffic types

6 hour guaranteed fix time

Deliverable within 60 working days

Full range of back-up options


Get up to 30 Free SIP Trunks with our high-speed Data Lines


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