With IP VPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) and PWAN (Private Wide Area Network) solutions you can securely connect multiple locations, over a number of different data technologies.

So if your Head Office is on a fibre leased line, satellite offices on EFM lines and homeworkers operating over broadband, we can create a highly resilient, private network with diverse routing to carry your traffic.

In the instance of a network or line outage, your communication path can be set to automatically reroute, ensuring maximum uptime. Further resilience can be provided through failover lines on Ethernet circuits, dual IP VPN connections and dual firewalls.

QoS (Quality of Service) ensures that traffic that needs reliable, stable bandwidth, like voice and video traffic, can be prioritised to deliver optimum speech and image clarity, without the need for dedicated lines.

It allows you to consolidate your communications and centralise applications into a Data Centre, increasing business performance and reducing management overhead and time.

How does it work?

Sites are connected by VPN (Virtual Private Network) using flexible, dynamic pathing so that voice, data and apps can be seamlessly carried between locations.
Equipment and applications can be hosted in our highly-secure data centre for ubiquitous access.

A reporting and diagnostics portal lets you live-monitor your network performance, managed connections and hardware. You can view all critical statistics: connection status, capacity use, Memory and CPU %, packet loss and Smokeping.

The service can be provided ‘wires-only’ or with managed firewall.

Who is it for?

  • Multisite businesses requiring a private network across diverse locations
  • Companies with remote workers
  • Businesses accessing hosted/ cloud services and applications
  • Those needing guaranteed quality for voice and video communications
  • Retailers with central stock control, POS services, chip and pin etc.

Related Services

  • Consultation on tailoring individual solutions – design, cost and implementation
  • Hosted Voice Solutions with free site-to-site traffic
  • Diagnostic Virtual Machine Feature for clients to work in tandem with our tech support
  • Unified Communication Solutions

Key Benefits

Assimilate multiple line types and locations into a secure, private network

Simplify Network Administration

Communication consolidation reduces cost and time overheads

Integrate voice, video and data with traffic prioritisation to ensure quality

Create a single, business-wide view of your company Data Estate

Future-proof your network architecture

Secure online access to reporting tools & network performance diagnostics

24/7 Monitoring and network support

Managed & Unmanaged options

Access to secure diagnostics

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