This service provides high speed Satellite based broadband to anywhere in the UK, without the need for a telephone line.

How does it work?

Data Connectivity is provided via a Satellite dish rather than through a cable or phone line. As it is not restricted by the need for a landline link to your site, it is available to remote areas. As it lacks the contention rates of other broadband services, higher speeds can be achieved for both upload and download.

Who is it for?

  • Users working in remote locations
  • Those with limited land-based broadband speeds
  • Companies needing a back-up data route for business continuity

Related Services

  • Satellite Broadband suitability assessment
  • Advice and provision as data back-up solution
  • Router upgrade to achieve optimal speeds and uptime
  • Choice of installation date and time to suit you

Key Benefits

High up/download speed broadband connection

Available in remote locations

No need for existing landline to your site

Range of speed options available

Quick deployment

Low installation fees

Monthly or Annual contracts


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