Managed Wifi

For many people, business and otherwise, wireless is now the de facto method of connectivity. Around your office or home, in a café, hotel, hospital or shopping centre – users are expecting high-speed, reliable wireless communication.

clarion-wifiThe User Experience can mean the difference between: enabling more productivity and flexibility from your employees and attracting more customers to your space – or creating disenchantment amongst your workforce and losing business to forward-thinking competitors.

With the increasing number and variety of devices looking connecting to wireless networks, matching speed and coverage to demand while avoiding over-contention, blank spots and bottlenecks is an exercise that needs careful evaluation.

Key Benefits

Mobility – enjoy wire-free access to Internet & Data

Reduced infrastructure costs – eg cabling

Improved Response – by accessing info on the move

Extend Network – to places wired networks can’t reach

Appearance – remove unsightly wires and points

Access Partition – eg for Guests & Business Partners

    Our Wireless Services

    Our Managed Service

    We combine the latest wireless technology and best-of-breed infrastructure hardware for all our installations. With single SSID (wireless name) broadcasting, we guarantee users a seamless wireless experience as they move through your space.

    Our Gateway offers bandwidth and traffic-shaping for speed distribution and allows connectivity to a range of data line feeds.

    Inhouse or Managed WiFi

    We are able to work alongside inhouse IT knowledge to support your existing wireless infrastructure or provide a fully outsourced and managed, flexible and feature-rich WiFi solution.


    With a plethora of business and privately owned devices trying to access data wirelessly, it is important that you can allow or restrict access accordingly. We can advise you on how to partition, control and secure corporate data and applications. We are also able to filter access and allow you to collect user and device data.

    Public Location/ Visitor WiFi

    Our WiFi solution can be branded to your organisation, giving you the opportunity to create further revenue streams from data collection and by targeting your customers with marketing messages.

    Coverage Survey

    Our WiFi trained Engineers can undertake a survey to determine coverage and the requisite amount of access points to cover your space and maximum number of concurrent devices in use.

    Our detailed report includes: heat maps, interference and other nearby access points and provides all the tools to design, deploy and maintain your WiFi network.

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