As digital activity plays an increasingly central role in commerce, it is more crucial than ever that organisations of all sizes have a back up and disaster recovery plan in place.

Data loss, whether by human error, force majeure, system failure or cyber attack can be extremely costly if not fatal to a business.

A robust back up and disaster recovery solution is designed to safeguard your critical information and ensure uptime in the event of any such incident. This should be developed in conjunction with the Business Continuity Plan and recovery time objectives and priorities should form part of the brief. A clear strategy should be formulated to restore hardware, data and applications.

Don’t wait until its too late

There is a false assumption in the SME marketplace that it is big corporates that face the highest risks. However, there is clear evidence that lost information or extended periods of downtime will put companies of any size at serious danger of going out of business.

While it is true that smaller businesses often have less budget to allocate in this regard, they are still exposed to natural disaster, still subject to human error and often even more vulnerable to attack as cyber criminals focus their attention on easier targets.

Key Benefits

Rapid Restoration – Have your IT Operations back up in minutes

Minimal impact – with all encompassing back-up and recovery solutions

Absolute Data Safety – to highly resilient, mirrored Data Centres

Cost Effective – remove expensive second site set up and management

Manage storage – reduce need for more storage or data reduction w high-capacity back-up devices

Eliminate human error – with fully automated back-up & previous version restore

Be compliant – confidently adhere to regulatory requirements relating to data protection

    Backup & Recovery – We Can Help

    Back up

    Our hybrid solutions combines cloud and onsite back up. This guarantees that your data is mirrored to highly resilient, secure Data Centres while there is a local copy at your company premises to ensure speedy data restoration.
    We also schedule your Server to take regular snapshots so that the clock can be rolled back to previous file or volume versions.

    Disaster Recovery

    We will help you implement appropriate policies, procedures, equipment and services to recover or continue operation of your technology infrastructure should natural or man-made disaster strike.
    Our Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions avoid the need for costly infrastructure and software purchase at a secondary site.

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