Clarion Structured Cabling

Clarion has nearly 20 years experience with design, installation, testing and certification of structured cabling.

Core to Your Network

In order to maximise the performance of your network and connected devices, it is vital that the path by which the data travels is running at optimum capability. In other words, the speed and performance of your network is only as good as the cabling infrastructure on which it runs.

With the increase in size and frequency of file transmission, voice/data/video applications etc., we will ensure that the cabling and termination points put in place meet your current and future traffic requirements and allow you to gain the most productivity from your technology investment.

Choosing the right product

Cat 5e is required for businesses that need standard document sharing, internet and email access. It is smaller, takes up less space and is easier to manipulate than Cat6. However, although it supports gigabit networking, for companies with larger data transmission needs Cat6 and above may be required. Fibre Optic Cabling – uses units of light (photons) rather than electrical pulses to transmit data. This method of data transfer offers higher speeds and less loss of data over distance than traditional copper cabling. We would work with your in-house IT Manager or Support Company to evaluate the most appropriate option.

Cabling – In More Detail

Intelligent Planning

Careful planning and documentation avoids wasted manhours trouble-shooting issues and potential downtime.

We will provide an initial site-survey and produce a Scope of Works report along with an estimate of costs before any work is undertaken and make sure all is in place for you to manage your network infrastructure going forward.


All installations carried out by Clarion come with a standard, extendable warranty. If any part of the data link fails within the warranty period, as long as there has been no physical damage caused by external influences, we will repair or replace it free-of-charge.


We look to minimise our impact on the environment during the procurement, disposal and installation process. We work with our suppliers to achieve this and are currently working towards ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems attainment.

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