Save money, increase productivity, and reduce environmental impact with intelligent Print & Document Solutions.

Printer Management

Printing, scanning, faxing and document storage are still central business functions.

Companies build up print estates over time, with standalone or network printers added to the work environment as and when required. And often with no cohesive management of distribution and use. The net effect can be wasted paper, ink, power-use, time and money.

Clarion will provide a full Print Management Audit across your business. We will assess equipment, applications, and processes to determine where efficiencies can be made.

We can eliminate multiple devices where single MFPs (multi function printers) would make more sense, allow printing from mobile devices and provide centrally managed, secure IP-enabled solutions.

Key Benefits

Transform Paper documents into more easily searchable digital copy

Eliminate human resource cost of manual data entry, search and filing

Increase Productivity by integrating documents into automated workflows

Capture and distribute documents with clear audit trails

Fulfil security and compliance obligations

Fulfil security and compliance obligations

Reduce environmental impact of physical document copies


Think before printing

Track what people are printing and publish the details to make them accountable, and understand the cost to the company.

Charge print costs out

by tracking who printed what, in which dept and for what particular task, you can assess where the cost should be allocated and where it can be reasonably charged to a client.

Switch to Scanning

Digital files are increasingly acceptable to companies and cut down on ink and paper costs. The cost recovery terminal attached to a printer can preview the scanned document, give options on where to scan to e.g your Document Management System or Email. Full audit trails can be made available.

Avoid double-printing

When you realise you have hit print on the wrong document or want to make a last minute change. Virtual Print Queueing holds the document until the user is at the printer and can choose what to print and what to delete.

Avoid colour printing

By setting up print rules to default to black and white for Departments or individuals where colour use is unnecessary.

Cut down on Printer quantities

Replace multiple laser printers with intelligently networked MFPs. Less equipment, less hassle and points of failure for your IT Dept.

Print Anywhere

Create workflows that allow users to print from any printer when they are ready with secure document queuing.

Document Management

Document Management or rather Mismanagement is an unseen cost to businesses – wasting time and reducing productivity.

  • Avoid lost data. Track, organise and share important documents by implementing Clarion’s document capture and distribution service.
  • We will help you turn hard copy files into intelligent, searchable e-documents.
  • We will also evaluate existing hardware/software and workflows and recommend the most secure and efficient filing and retrieval system – improving communication, increasing security, and assisting with compliance.
  • Support and training will be provided throughout the implementation process and beyond.
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