Business mobility can increase productivity, provide flexibility, speed up processes, and improve employee satisfaction. It has become an important component of today’s corporate strategy.

Enabling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can further enhance the User Experience.

But managing a workforce on the move brings with it a raft of security and control issues.

Our MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution provides a simple and effective means to centrally manage a diverse fleet of devices.

Key Benefits

Group Enrolment – for all company-connected devices

Deployment – for VPN access, certificates and email profiles

Updates – centrally managed and applied

Admin Portal – to view device configurations

Security Management – pushing out policies to all devices

Compliance – meet security and governance standards

Mobile Device Management – In More Detail

Mobility Platform

Enrol corporate, employee-owned or shared private/business devices onto your Enterprise platform. Configure, secure and update settings over the air. The multi-tenant architecture allows you to manage multiple business units and locations in a single console. With it, you have the ability to delegate permissions and management through role-based access.

Central Console

From the main dashboard Admin can: Monitor devices. View installed profiles and Apps. Check compliance status and GPS location. See connected, offline and compromised devices.

Profile Configuration

Devices can be configured to ensure security restrictions and password requirement. The profiles allow secure access to corporate email, wifi, vpn etc.


Our Device Management Solution allows you to meet strict data audit and compliance standards.


Devices can be enrolled quickly and simply – defined by user-specific roles and group memberships.


Send remote commands, enforcing policies and preventing non-compliance. Send custom messages and instructions to end users. Block access to corporate data and apps. Perform data or full device wipes.

Application Access

A custom built application catalogue can be installed on devices giving secure access to:

  • Enterprise Apps
  • Recommended Public Apps
  • Purchased Apps

The Secure Content Locker application allows users to access documents and save email attachments in a protected container.

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