Network Security Management Overview

Every day businesses are compromised by information security breach. Keeping your company data safe involves taking a number of measures and creating a prevention system with your hard/software to protect your network infrastructure from unauthorised access, misuse, modification and destruction.

Free Consultancy

At Clarion we have extensive experience safeguarding our clients from unauthorised access and cyber attack. We offer a free Network Security consultation to assess potential security issues that could affect your business. Our security team is then able to advise on intrusion prevention and implementation of cyber security management.

Advanced Firewalls

A perimeter Firewall acts as your first line of defence against the ever evolving security threats to your computer Network. Our range of state-of-the-art Firewalls provide advanced protection against viruses and targeted attacks, while allowing legitimate traffic to pass in and out without interruption or delay. Covering: Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Content Filtering, Traffic Shaping/Prioritising, DDos Attack Protection, Enterprise Level VPN Connections etc. – we have a range of scalable options to fit your requirements and budget.

Anti-Virus & Malware/Ransomware

We have a number of server and cloud-based solutions for both Windows and Mac OS X environments. From a centrally managed console, scans can be scheduled, devices locked down, websites blocked and patches deployed. Our advanced 3 level Anti-malware software is compatible with most endpoint security solutions and will proactively guard against new and unknown exploits without relying on traditional detection techniques or daily updates. It will also work with old/end of life Operating Systems that are no longer supported or receiving security patches to offer protection.

Device Management

With general Enterprise and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend on the up, enabling productivity and flexibility while maintaining corporate security can be a delicate balancing act for IT Departments and Network Administrators. Meeting both data governance and high level compliance standards while fulfilling user expectations is the challenge.

Mobile Device Management solutions need to be able to support both company-sourced and personal devices on multiple operating platforms. We will help evaluate your organisation’s security requirements and tailor the appropriate service to meet these.

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Permissions & Policies

We will work with your Management to understand which staff need access to which information and what security policies your organisation need to put in place. By locking down Folder etc permissions in a structured fashion to: no access, read-only or modify (read/write/delete), we can help avoid information getting into the wrong hands or malware moving through your system. We can restrict access: by time of day, by device etc. Group Policies can be created that will allow/disallow data from being exported via a portable drive or other, printers being added to the network, screens to lock when lying idle and enforced frequent password changes.

We can create VLANs (virtual networks) for different services and users, split off guest wireless access, throttle or prioritise traffic.

Penetration Testing

As well as providing our own network security checks, Clarion partner with leading CREST certified Penetration Testing Specialists to carry out full IT Security Audits. A brief overview of services covered are:

External Testing – Any systems that provide services on the internet – eg email/web servers and other systems (eg Firewalls) from which your network could be accessed. Any remote connections that allow your employees to access the network, eg via VPNs and any 3rd party access to your systems.

Internal Testing – Vulnerability scanning across your IT estate covering all servers, endpoints, networks devices and apps. Build and config of servers/desktops and remote access devices and solutions. Security gateway and wireless network config. Patching of Operating System, Firmware and Apps etc.

Reporting – A summary of all identified issues fully explained, with short and long term solutions.

How secure is your network?

Would you like to know how secure your network is? We’ll be pleased to give you some recommendations and advice to make sure your system is safe. Please just enter your details below, telling us any concerns you have, and one of our IT Security specialists will be in touch.

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