Businesses of various sizes are looking to virtualisation to:

  • Reduce overall cost against computing power delivered
  • Consolidate system management
  • Safeguard critical company systems

Clarion have years of expertise in the planning, optimising, securing and implementation of Virtual Desktop and Virtual Server Solutions.

Server Virtualisation:

We work with best-of-breed virtualisation technologies to offer Server virtualisation to our clients. This offers a host of advantages to businesses looking to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve business resilience.

How it works:

Server Virtualisation Software provides a layer of abstraction between the physical machine and the operating system and applications. This reduces the dependency of the operating system on specific server hardware. It also allows you to reduce the amount of physical servers in use and administer from a single console.

We will work through your network and storage needs to put in place the appropriate infrastructure to run your virtual server(s).

Key Benefits

Reduce physical dependency - Virtual Servers can run on any host server regardless of hardware.

Swift provisioning - Clone images or templates and existing machines to provision and deploy a new server rapidly.

Reduce Footprint - Consolidate services onto fewer servers, less racks and networking kit meaning less data centre floor space and associated costs.

Increase uptime - High availability and fault tolerance and the ability to quickly and simply live migrate a virtual machine from one server to another.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery - Reduce hardware costs for Disaster Recovery site due to reduction in standby devices needed.

Go green - With fewer physical servers power output and cooling costs are lowered.

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