Record Phone Calls

Our Call Recording Solutions span traditional, hosted, inbound and mobile call-types to cover all your needs and come with powerful analytic tools that can help you

  • Comply with Industry Regulations
  • Help with Employee training – customer service, sales etc.
  • Hide/omit parts of the call where sensitive data like card validation codes are given
  • Avoid disputes turning into litigation with readily accessible call records as proof
  • Searches for recorded calls can be filtered based on key criteria with all Calling Line Identification (CLI) details presented.

Our Call Recording Services

Hosted/Cloud Call Recording

Robust, simple and secure our hosted and cloud call recording facility makes capturing, maintaining and accessing individual, groups or 100% of your calls both quick and easy.

FCA & PCS DSS Compliance

Our Call Recording Solutions meet the regulatory requirements as defined by the FCA and Payment Card Industry Bodies.

Inbound Call Recording

Ideal for Call Centres and other Customer Service centric organisations, our inbound solution addresses your quality of service and compliance needs.

Mobile Call Recording

Our Mobile Call Recording Solution enables financial organisations to comply with FCA regulations by recording mobile phone calls and SMS text messages from the handset. Individual calls can be selected for recording, before or during the call.

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