Geographic & Non-Geo Telephone Numbers

We offer a full selection of geographic and non-geographic phone numbers to enhance business – by boosting sales and improving customer service, wherever you are located.

Geographic Phone Numbers

Geographic numbers, also known as landline or fixed line numbers, have an 01 02 02 at the beginning. The first 4-7 digits denote the area in the UK that they represent.

You can be provided with a single, multiple or consecutive numbers from anywhere within the UK.

If we lift your geographic number onto a SIP trunk, it makes it portable so that you can take that number and use it at any location you like.

We also offer a full range of International VoIP numbers.

Key Benefits

Choose from a range of memorable number options to help steer customers to your organisation.

Add Intelligent Reporting Packages for customer calling patterns so that you can analyse and handle call traffic appropriately.

    Non-Geographic Phone Numbers

    Non-geographic numbers do not correspond to a specific physical location but are typically routed to an existing landline telephone number.

    As they are not tied to an exchange, if your company moves to different premises you can simply take your number with you.

    On a financial level they can be used to:

    • Incentivise your clients to call your organisation by making contact free – giving you the advantage in a competitive market
    • Increase revenue by earning money from Inbound call traffic

    On the organisational front calls can be intelligently routed to different locations:

    • Allowing you to manage call traffic depending on volumes and staffing
    • Reroute calls in instances of disruption to ensure business continuity
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