Inbound Call Routing & Handling

Inbound Call Management gives instant, online access to a comprehensive range of call management tools – allowing your business to monitor and route those inbound calls as you wish.

Businesses inbound call volumes fluctuate for a variety of reasons – ranging from seasonal demand to sales promotion activity.

A missed inbound call can mean missed income. How much insight do you have into the patterns and performance?

Our simple and intuitive inbound call handling service allows you to:

  • Increase business efficiency – by understanding your call traffic
  • Improve customer service – by managing call handling to avoid missed/abandoned calls
  • Enhance resilience – by instantly redirecting calls due to outage, high volumes etc.

Access to our Management Tool gives you vital information on missed and abandoned calls to every site, department, number and extension – allowing you to improve call handling.

The service is available: on all geographic and non-geographic numbers and can be accessed anytime, anywhere through a secure, user-friendly web interface.

Key Benefits

Instantly access and analyse your inbound call traffic

Gives you full visibility - for call monitoring etc

Gives you full control of call routing

Easy to use management interface

Accessible service from any device anywhere

Usable on geo/non-geographic numbers

No upfront costs

    3 Options To Cover Any Business

    Inbound Contact Point

    Aimed at single site businesses that want the ability to set up and change call routing plans according to time-of-day and staffing.

    Inbound Contact Path

    For multi-dept or multi-site organisations that want to identify caller identity or caller location and route to the appropriate individual extension or create hunt group routing across specific teams.

    Inbound Contact Pro

    Which gives call centre functionality for highly customer service-centric businesses wanting maximum call routing efficiency.

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