Phone Lines & Calls

Make the seamless and hassle-free switch to Clarion and start saving money on your business phone costs.

  • We are able to offer Line Rentals and other fixed line services from BT Openreach at a significant discount to BT Retail and other Carriers.
  • We carry calls with a range of Top Tier Providers offering you flexibility and resilience.
  • We will analyse your existing bill and provide a full, clear comparison – showing reductions in call charges and line rentals, and eliminating any other costs that are unnecessary or unfair.
  • We consolidate: Get all your phone services on one bill from one provider at a much lower cost.
  • We have equal access to the back-end system of BT Openreach for installation schedules, availability and fault reporting. This allows us to respond quickly and add our own more dedicated customer-update facility so that you remain informed of progress at a frequency that suits you.

Key Benefits

Join people from multiple locations to pool resources and enhance decision-making.

Simple, seamless transfer of services to Clarion

Single Point of contact for all Phone-related enquiries

Voice & Data integration for resilience and further savings

One bill for all services – sent to you or accessible online

Maintain your existing Phone Numbers

Dedicated Customer Services – with update schedule to suit you

    • Logos-Adobe"Why spend hours trying to deal with BT when Clarion can take the stress away! Clarion handled all aspects of our fixed line telephony including dealing with BT for ISDN30 installation and the management of our call costs, which are now significantly lower. We have now outsourced the management of our mobile phones to Clarion and receive prompt and efficient service. I thoroughly recommend Clarion to help reduce the hassle of dealing with telephone companies and in reducing costs."

      Kevin Greene Adobe Systems
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