SIP Phone Lines


The good news – the replacement is less expensive and superior.

But what are SIP Trunks, and why are they becoming so popular?

SIP Trunks give you a more flexible, scalable, and highly cost-effective replacement to ISDN/Analogue phone services.

SIP Trunks use VoIP (Voice over IP) to connect your phone system to the Telephone Network (PSTN) via your data line. With a SIP phone system, you can make calls through virtual phone lines, using an internet connection.

We will evaluate your existing infrastructure and business needs to deliver a seamless transition.

SIP Telephony is ideal for companies that want:

  • To save money on Lines & Calls
  • The ability to move offices but take their numbers with them
  • To make the switchover from ISDN
  • Total oversight and control of their lines estate
  • Speedy scalability and swift deployment

What are SIP Trunks going to save you?

  • Eliminate in-company call costs between sites
  • Eliminate UK landline and Mobile call charges (term-dependant)
  • Enjoy huge reductions in channel charges compared with Analogue/ISDN
Get up to 30 Free SIP Trunks with our high-speed Data LinesCALL OR EMAIL US TO FIND OUT MORE

Key Benefits

Substantial savings on both Lines & Calls

Take control – add/remove lines as you need

Take your numbers wherever you go – no longer tied to a geographical location

Increase resilience with alternative call path to ISDN/Analogue

Business Continuity - Preplan for emergencies with rapid rerouting to alternative numbers

Seamless integration with all major PBX Brands

Our SIP Trunks interoperate with the Microsoft Teams platform

The future – BT are phasing out ISDN – get ahead of the game!

We do the work

We will evaluate your existing set-up and where you do not have the necessary infrastructure in place, we will specify and implement appropriate data connectivity and system modifications.

Be prepared

BT are ceasing provision of new IDSN and Analogue circuits in 2020 and phasing them out completely by 2025. Join the SIP Trunk party now!

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