Refurbished Laptops and Desktops for Business 

Replacing or upgrading computer equipment is one area where CapEx costs can quickly spiral. Now smart buyers are making huge savings and sourcing sustainably. IT devices such as refurbished laptops, refurbished desktops and refurbished monitors are gaining popularity as buyers realise how much more they can get for their money.

Clarion’s Refurbished Program offers all the benefits of buying refurbished, coupled with the assurances you would expect from first-time purchase.

  • Top tier brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple
  • Intensive 8-stage Refurbishment process
  • Minimum 12 Month Warranty
  • Genuine Microsoft Licences
  • Transparent, reputable sourcing
  • Graded quality levels to suit all budgets
  • Fair and ethical returns policy
  • Free delivery for UK and Ireland

What are you after?…

    Why Buy Refurbished?

    Cost Savings –Buying through a controlled refurbished scheme can save organisations a fortune and stretch an IT budget, yet provide the same level of reliability as purchasing new.

    Sustainability – Businesses buying refurbished laptops and desktops are saving equipment from landfill, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and scoring another win for sustainability.

    Save on software licenses – Instead of upgrading OS software for an old machine, it is often more economical to buy a refurbished computer with the latest OS fully licensed and pre-installed.

    Compatibility – Some company policies require all staff to use the same equipment. We can supply refurbished equipment to a matching specification for one person or an entire department.

    Clarion Refurbished – Laptops & PCs for Less

    The term ‘refurbished’ means to restore or recondition to a ‘like new’ condition for re-use.

    We refurbish high quality, business-grade laptops, PCs and monitors, sourced from global corporations and government departments based in the UK and Ireland. Knowing the provenance of our refurbished laptops and desktops means we can guarantee that they have been procured legitimately and looked after professionally.

    Eight Stage Refurbishment Process

    All models are subjected to our intensive 8-stage Refurbishment process, the most rigorous in the industry. Passing this returns high quality laptops, desktops and monitors to as-new working condition – but at a fraction of the price.


    On arrival at our facility we remove any identification marks and stickers from the equipment. All products are visually inspected and examined for cosmetic damage. Any units unsuitable for remarketing will be removed to be securely recycled.

    A BIOS factory reset is carried out to remove any configurations and return the equipment back to manufacturer default settings. The computer hard drive is data-wiped to the highest Government standard using Blancco Data Cleaner. Blancco guarantees 100% secure, permanent erasure of data by wiping each drive 3 times before passing it as 100% successfully erased. This in turn allows the IT Asset to be safely remarketed without any risk of remaining customer residual data.

    The exterior of the equipment is cleaned to remove any accumulated dirt and dust. The interior is cleaned with high pressure air blown inside the equipment to remove dust from the internal components and in the inner walls of the casings.

    The equipment is graded based on the cosmetic condition. Grade A units may have small signs of use such as light scratches or other minor scuffs and blemishes. Overall the cosmetic condition will be excellent. Grade B units will show more signs of wear; they may have scratches/scuffs to the casing and signs of heavier wear on the palm rest or keyboard. These cosmetic blemishes will have no impact to the system’s overall functionality or performance.

    All products are visually inspected and examined for cosmetic and internal damage. Replacement of parts such as any missing or damaged RAM, battery packs, power supplies, keyboards, screens etc. are repaired.

    A new Windows operating system and genuine refurbished Microsoft licences are installed and activated. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software is used to test components such as the CPU, RAM, optical drive and hard drive.

    At this stage all aspects of the refurbishment process are tested and checked to make sure that every product meets our high quality control standards before being dispatched.

    After final inspection the product is placed in protective packaging either boxed or stored in shrink wrapped pallets for storage or until shipment. We offer free delivery in the UK and Ireland and we are so confident in our refurbished products that we offer a 12 Month Return to Base Warranty.


    Call for Price/Availability

    • Enterprise-grade specifications
    • Dell, HP, Lenovo, MacBook
    • Microsoft Licences
    • Minimum 12 Month Warranty


    Call for Price/Availability

    • Desktops, Minis and All-in-ones
    • Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple
    • Microsoft licences installed
    • Minimum 12 Month Warranty

    Refurbished Monitors

    Call for Price/Availability

    • 19″, 20″ and 22″ screen sizes
    • Square or widescreen options
    • Hi-res, crisp colour re-production
    • Minimum 12 Month Warranty

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does "refurbished" mean?

    Refurbished IT equipment is previously used equipment that has been restored to a like-new working condition. The equipment is completely wiped of any data, health checked, cleaned and then cosmetically graded depending on the wear and tear.

    Where do the products come from?

    Our equipment originates from either ex-corporate or ex-government, sourced from global corporations and government departments throughout the UK and Ireland. Some of our items are sourced from the manufacturer or retail partners.

    What is the refurbishment process?

    Redundant’ IT equipment is collected and brought into our warehouse. All items are barcoded, scanned and processed into our bespoke tracking system. An audit is completed to determine if the equipment is suitable for remarketing.

    All data bearing equipment is data-wiped to the highest Government standard using Blancco Data Cleaner guaranteeing 100% permanent erasure of data. By utilising Blancco software, we ensure all of the data from the IT Assets is securely and completely destroyed prior to remarketing or recycling. Data erased by Blancco is permanent; it cannot be recovered. Blancco wipes each drive 3 times before passing it as 100% successfully erased. This in turn allows the IT Asset to be safely remarketed without any risk of remaining customer residual data, protecting against fraud and loss of sensitive company data.

    Repairs (if required) are carried out on the equipment. A new and legal Microsoft Refurbisher operating license is installed. The equipment is cleaned, packed, graded and shelved in our warehouse until sold.

    What way does the Grading work?

    We offer New, Grade A or Grade B products.

    Why buy refurbished IT equipment?

    There are many reasons for buying refurbished IT equipment ranging from a single end user looking cost savings to a company wanting to maintain compatibility across a company

    What comes installed?

    We have worked with Microsoft for many years and provide professionally refurbished equipment with genuine Microsoft Refurbisher licences. All of our desktops and laptops have Windows 10 Home pre-installed as standard. Microsoft Office can be added as an upgrade option.

    What warranty is included?

    As standard all our products come with a one year complimentary hardware warranty. This can be extended to 3 years for a small additional cost.

    How quickly will it arrive?

    Deliveries to the UK & Ireland are free of charge. UK orders will be delivered within 48 hours of dispatch. Ireland orders will be delivered within 24 hours of shipment.

    Orders received by 10am (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched the same day. If upgrades to hardware or software are requested, please allow an additional 24 hours. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on the Monday. Please allow additional time over bank holidays.

    How is my order shipped?

    Our deliveries are completed by DPD. A tracking number will be issued and the item(s) can be tracked on the DPD website.

    What if I want to return my items?

    If you are not completely satisfied with your item, you may return it to us within 14 days of receipt of the goods for an exchange or a refund.

    Why work with Clarion?

    For 20 years, Clarion has been a leading provider of Business Class ICT asnd Telecoms solutions.

    Over this time we have successfully managed the implementation of technologically sound, cost-effective voice and data services to over 10,000 companies large and small, across the UK.

    We treat every client experience as unique, carefully taking the time to understand your key motivations and to make sure we match your needs. Any solution we propose is carefully spec’d to make sure it will increase efficiency and productivity for your specific business.

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    • "If you are considering adopting greener options for your equipment provision Clarion’s products are of excellent quality (comparable to new) and at an enormous discount so why on earth would you not buy from Clarion and knock off several objectives at once!"

      Davina Dunn University of the West Scotland
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