If your business didn’t have a remote working procedure in place before the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s not too late to introduce one now. With the right equipment, Clarion can help your business adapt quickly for remote working – either for an emergency, or as part of a future strategy to increase productivity.




Reliable, economical laptops are essential items for employees who work remotely. We can supply brand new laptops at heavily discounted prices, but if you need to make bigger savings, or wish to pursue a greener procurement policy, then our remanufactured laptop scheme is a smart alternative. In partnership with Circular Computing, the world’s first specialist computer remanufacturer, we can offer business users superb quality, leading brand laptops, made to a consistently high standard for any volume requirement. Our remanufacturing process leaves nothing to chance. Every laptop must pass a 100-point quality check to ISO8887 standard, and is subjected to a 5-hour inspection and re-build by skilled R&D technicians.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows your team to meet face-to-face in a virtual office environment. Colleagues can present, record and discuss work, and co-ordinate different tasks from any location. Easy to set up, and simple to use, StarLeaf integrates seamlessly with other platforms like Zoom and Skype. No wonder independent research recently made it #1 choice for video conferencing solutions used daily. With an industry-leading 99.999% uptime guarantee, and ISO/IEC27001 security, it’s also an exceptionally reliable and safe way for your staff to collaborate online.



Telephone Headsets

Working remotely sometimes means having to deal with extraneous sounds or interruptions. For those who make or take voice calls, this can be unwelcome. Make sure your remote teams sound professional, by equipping them with business-grade telephone headsets that keep background noises to a minimum, whilst enabling staff to speak and be heard clearly. We can advise on different makes and styles, with access to refurbished headsets an additional option to stretch your budget further.

Telephone Handsets

In some cases you may be obliged to replace or install telephones for employees, so that they don’t have to use their own devices. It can be more convenient for them and better for you, guaranteeing a decent quality level for every call made in your name. Clarion can advise on options, which range from brand new handsets from established suppliers, to refurbished units which work just as well as new ones but for a fraction of the price.



Peripheral Hardware

To help remote staff work productively, remember to order peripheral hardware like Power Supplies, PoE Switches, Routers and Conference Units. Clarion can advise on all these to make sure you get the best from your equipment and your staff.


As a premier independent provider of Voice, Data and Managed IT Services, Clarion has been providing remote working solutions for more than 20 years. We can help you keep your workforce connected remotely, and provide everything it needs to remain productive.

With the above tools, it’s easy to keep in touch and ensure that everyone can still complete their regular tasks.

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    • "Clarion enabled all our staff to be set up quickly and efficiently as remote workers via mobile applications and softphones so that we can continue to work remotely as if we were using the office phone system."

      Adam Southam, Director FRONTrunner Recruitment
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