As some big-name businesses have discovered, remote working can make individual users and company networks more susceptible to external attacks. But just how do you keep your system safe, whilst ensuring staff have access to the information they need? Take our simple Security Check to see if your business might be vulnerable.


System Software/Hardware

Create secure connections to the company network so it never gets compromised by poor security on home user devices:

  • Install business-grade Antivirus and web filtering software on home use devices to give appropriate level protection against viruses, spam and malware
  • Have remote working staff use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) when signing in to massively reduce susceptibility to attempted hacks, phishing and other fraudulent attacks
  • Upgrade firmware on the home router or better still switch to a business-class cloud-managed router which automatically updates firmware and bolsters security.


Back up and recover all your company data and emails from remote devices:

  • Back up hard drive content to the secure, hosted facilities with the ability for full restore to the same or a different device
  • Use a back-up and archiving service to take snapshots of your emails, to avoid accidental or deliberate deletion or loss


Test for vulnerabilities and train employees to recognise and avoid potential cyber-attacks:

  • Implement a remote working policy, with permissions and policies to ensure your team follows the latest guidelines for best practice
  • Maintain your business compliance through the Cyber Essentials scheme, and carry out a simple Home network penetration test to expose vulnerabilities
  • Security Awareness Training Courses – make staff a first line of defence against cyber-threats with our simple, self-paced video tutorials to help them identify scams, phishing and other fraudulent activity

Device Management

Protect company devices on an array of platforms and operating systems so confidential business information remains private:

  • Configure security measures on company laptops, mobiles and tablets with a cloud-based device management programme
  • Assess, authenticate and authorise incoming content from a central managed console
  • Block, lock, stop and remove content instantly from devices that get lost or stolen
  • Continually check and certify data on company devices to make sure they are secure and compliant

If you have covered all these points then it sounds like your users and security is already in great shape. If you are in any way unsure, or would like us to conduct a system security audit, please email or call us on 0333 222 6633.


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    • "Clarion have helped set up and guide our IT Security policy and put this at the very centre of the support service they provide"

      Stuart Harris Chief Operating Officer – Milligan Retail
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