What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, an acronym for Software Defined Wide Area Network, uses intelligent, centrally-controlled software to route network traffic faster from A to B. Widely seen as the next-generation evolution in WAN, it is enabling businesses to make secure, truly far-reaching changes to their networks in a fraction of the time of existing technology.

SD-WAN for Business

Business networks transmit ever-increasing volumes of traffic. Employees expect reliable access to it from anywhere at any time. High volume in-house data, third party apps and expanding cloud services, such as Office 365, AWS and Azure, can easily overload any network. The working environment has changed, and SD-WAN provides the flexibility required to accommodate a mobile workforce.

Multi-level connectivity with single-centre control

An SD-WAN network overcomes all this by using multiple connectivity sources simultaneously to transmit data and traffic. Instead of being tied to any one provider, SD-WAN cherry picks the best available connection method and dynamically routes your traffic through it. You maintain central control, enabling you to set policies and determine traffic priority levels. Everything gets from A to B in the most direct way, vastly improving overall network efficiency.

Key Benefits

Simplified, future-proof network management and consolidation

Dynamic routing of network traffic with auto-selection of best A-to-B connection method

Superior quality, reliably consistent connectivity for voice, video, data and apps

Lowers cost of internet/intranet usage by reducing dependence on costly MPLS

Tailor and optimise bandwidth to prioritise key apps and services

Compatibility with Broadband MPLS, Wifi, 4G, 5G or satellite

Unlimited connection possibilities – not just from your own provider

Customisable firewall, encryption and security options, plus compatibility with SASE

Central management console for cross-network changes in minutes

Overlay onto existing network without disruption

Features and Benefits of SD-WAN


  • A lower cost connectivity alternative to MPLS
  • Single person management from one screen
  • No need to replace end-of-life routers and hardware
  • Reduced downtime, reduced network administration costs


  • One-touch deployment from a single screen
  • Make cross-network changes in hours, not days
  • Extra capacity bandwidth immediately available
  • Add new offices or branches to your network fast


  • Instant policy updates to all sites
  • All traffic encrypted with AES 256 IPsec
  • Secure dynamic conduits raised automatically at first sign of attack
  • Reliable, always-on connectivity cuts out black spots and error pathways


  • Multiple connectivity and provider options
  • Combine with SASE for ultra-secure, business critical security
  • Automatic bandwidth optimisation for critical apps
  • Simplified network switching for multi-cloud environments


  • Centralised control and visibility
  • Manage and implement changes to entire network from one location
  • Single point overview of all legacy and cloud apps
  • Allows faster decision-making and network updates


  • Enhanced application performance and auto-prioritisation
  • Intelligent, dynamic traffic routing
  • Productivity gains through faster performance across network
  • Fully utilizes available bandwidth for multi-cloud services

Who is SD-WAN for?

  • National and global organisations operating in different geographic locations
  • Remote users, homeworkers and mobile employees
  • Users requiring high quality voice and video between different buildings on the same site
  • Data centres or branch offices connecting with each other
  • Employees seeking fast access to hosted or public cloud services
  • Multiple users needing secure and reliable internet or intranet connectivity
  • For users of technologies such as Ai, Ar, Vr, ERP, SCM, IoT

More information

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    Overlay SD-WAN onto your existing network

    SD-WAN technology has already been adopted by many leading multinationals and large public bodies, and is in high demand now from smaller organisations too.

    While there is no one-size-fits-all solution out there, SD-WAN is very flexible. A great advantage of SD-WAN is that it can simply overlay onto your existing system. without any of the disruption that major network upgrades sometimes bring. As a leading ICT provider, Clarion can do this for you, giving you all the benefits of SD-WAN straight away.

    For ultimate network security, we recommend combining SD-WAN with SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), an advanced solution, which gives you physical or Cloud protection at every edge location of your network.

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