Exclusive Charity and Hospice Offer: Get Your 3CX Enterprise Licence Free For A Year

As proud supporters of UK Charities and Hospices, we are offering the first year of your 3CX Phone System licence for free. Upgrade to the best VoIP phone System for charities with Clarion.

3CX phone system is simple to install, maintain and scale – enabling your foundation to grow with ease. At Clarion, we understand that many hospices, NFP’s and charitable organisations have tight budgets and are always needing to find ways to reduce their operational spending. This is why we work hard to provide a safe, stable and cost-effective VoIP phone solution that not only reduces your telecoms spending but is packed with many advanced features.

This award-winning phone system for the Charity and Non-Profit sector has been designed with flexible working in mind. With 3CX, your teams, volunteers and fundraisers will be able to connect to your charity phone system anywhere that has an internet connection (office, home office or even from a mobile phone).

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See for yourself how our revolutionary 3CX platform can unify your communications and boost your productivity

The 3CX phone system platform is already being implemented by thousands of UK charities, hospices and foundations, changing the way their teams collaborate across the digital workplace. Why not see how features such as our web phone, audio or video conferencing and automatic call distribution can impact your organisation?

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    • No Per Extension Licencing – Based On Simultaneous Calls
    • Low Or Free UK Calls And Reduced International Rates
    • Wide Choice Of IP Handsets Across Variety Of Manufacturers
    • Provision Either On-Premise Or In The Cloud
    • No Expensive Hardware Required
    • Self Administration, Management Reporting
    • Presence/Chat/Screen Sharing Free Of Charge
    • Free Mobile Client And Webphone
    • Call Recording At No Additional Charge
    • Audio And Video Conferencing for Remote Working
    • Swift Deployment And Scalability
    • Inbuilt Disaster Recovery

    3CX Phone System

    When you switch to 3CX you’ll find yourself in good company. More than 250,000 organisations already use 3CX to combine their voice, video, messaging and chat across a Unified Communications platform. 3CX brings improvements in productivity, opportunities for remote working, and huge savings on calls.

    With its many advanced features, 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated traditional phone systems, or the limitations of hosted phone solutions. It’s the go-to choice for any charity or non-profit organisation looking for an IP telephony solution that future-proofs their phone system against the phasing out of outdated ISDN lines by 2025.



    3CX with free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, up to 80% savings on other call costs, and no per extension price premiums.


    3CX can run on an existing sever or on a MiniPC, using Linux or Windows, or can be deployed in the Cloud.


    3CX can be installed and managed on your premises or hosted separately in the Cloud, whatever suits your business best.


    3CX is easy to install, and updates automatically across all devices, saving countless hours of configuration time.


    3CX is feature-rich from the start, but further extensions are easy to add as your business grows.


    3CX is software-based so it is easily backed up for immediate restoration on another device in the event of any hardware failure.


    3CX provides a Unified Communications platform for voice, video, messaging and chat.


    3CX features IP telephony, enabling rapid deployment and instant connectivity for employees who have to work remotely.


    3CX integrates with Office 365 and Teams plus other business applications like CRMs and databases, for productivity gains.


    3CX can incorporate Call Queuing, Group Ringing, Automatic Call Distribution and more, with real-time and historical call reporting.

    Always Connected

    You decide where to run 3CX – either on an existing server, on a low-cost mini PC or in the Cloud. Self host with popular cloud providers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, OVH or Microsoft Azure.  Easily move your hosted PBX between cloud providers with inbuilt backup & restore. Whether in the cloud or on-premise – you are in control and always connected.

    • AT YOUR DESK   –  Make desk calls from any data connection, with a wide range of feature-rich handsets
    • FROM THE COMPUTER – Use the Softphone App to access directory and make calls, send messages etc
    • ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE – Take your office number and phone system on the road on iOS or Android

    Why work with Clarion?

    For 20 years, Clarion has been a leading provider of Business Class Telephony.

    Over this time we have successfully managed the implementation of technologically sound, cost-effective voice and data services to over 10,000 organisations large and small, across the UK.

    We treat every client experience as unique, carefully taking the time to understand your key motivations and to make sure we match your needs. Any solution we propose is carefully spec’d to make sure it will increase efficiency and productivity for your specific business.

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