Business Continuity

How long could you be without your phones?

Or your email, company information, or access to the data centre?

How resilient is your company to a power cut, flooding, a strike or a major security breach?

What would be the true cost of this kind of challenge to your business? Loss of revenue and productivity? Loss of client and staff confidence? Lasting reputational damage?

Clarion has a great wealth of experience in implementing the most robust back-up and recovery strategies for clients of all sizes and budgets. Let us support your infrastructure, with our business continuity advice and support, to minimise the impact if the worst happens.

It is far less expensive to create a proven Business Continuity Plan than to pick up the pieces after you have suffered that critical incident.

We can develop a bespoke approach for your scale and budget. And there are also inexpensive, straightforward and immediate measures we can help you take, to safeguard your business – in particular maximising your protection from data breach.


    Checklist Of Protections

    1. Voice

    • Ensure appropriate Care Levels on your phone lines to guarantee response and fix times – especially for key services such as Alarm and Data lines
    • SIP trunks and ISDN as a back-up voice route to one another
    • Pre-determined numbers for call divert in case of downtime. (with SIP you can divert each DDI (direct dial ext) to a separate number, rather than having to direct all to a single number.)

    2. Data

    • A secondary Data line with automated ‘failover’ in case your main line goes down. Even if it is lower capacity, you still have internet access for critical comms.
    • Consider diverse routing like Satellite or 3/4G Mobile Data as back-up to your land-based communication path.

    3. Phone System

    • The Maintenance Response Level you chose should match the downtime your business can afford.
    • Look at the benefits that a Hosted System and SIP trunks can give in terms of Business Continuity.
    • Protect your phone system from fraud by understanding points of weakness, (such as generically passworded voicemail log-ins)

    4. Remote Working

    Give your team the tools to operate away from the office, in case they can’t get to work:

    • Good quality broadband and secure access to information and apps.
    • An IP phone that can act as an extension to your office system.
    • Roaming 4G Data Access when a wired connection is unavailable.

    5. Cloud & Hosted Systems

    • Enable your team to safely access business data and apps anywhere with internet connection
    • Consider moving key services to the cloud or hosted environment to utilise those systems’ resilience.
    • Replicate existing systems in the cloud to reduce or negate operational loss and financial impact.

    6. Security

    • Always use business grade anti-virus/malware and mail filtering
    • Create and maintain firm password policies for all your users
    • Evaluate Enterprise Device Management Solutions to protect company data on laptops, tablets, smartphones etc

    7. Back-Up

    • Automate your back-up online to hosted facilities, designed specifically for secure data storage.
    • Use <Instant virtualisation> for immediate recovery and restore to minimise downtime.

    8. Equipment

    • Keep spares of critical system components in case of failure
    • Enable hardware Remote Management where possible


    Always make sure you conduct regular Business Continuity appraisals.


    We can help you evaluate and modify your Plan to safeguard your organisation as technology – and therefore risks – evolve.

    • Logos-CAneparo"Clarion established IT infrastructure for our newly formed company. This included setting up centralised file storage with automated remote back-up and access from anywhere. Everything works smoothly and quickly and we have peace of mind that our data is secure."

      George Steele Associate Director - Caneparo Associates
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