We are technologists. We know that investing in ICT (Information Communication Technology) is essential to great information flow. It brings huge competitor advantage.

But we also understand you won’t have an endless budget to pour into this area of your business.

Let us analyse existing areas of spend, seek out the best reductions and advise you on other areas to reinvest, where we can show you’ll benefit from more resource.

As standard, we achieve demonstrable cost benefits using:

  • detailed audits of existing areas of expense
  • savings through our considerable bulk purchasing power
  • regular market comparisons and tariff reviews

Key Considerations


    Human Cost & Benefit

    Imagine how much better your business will feel, if all those little frustrations with technology that teams experience were forgotten.

    We also investigate often unmetered areas of spend, such as Human Resources. Customer service excellence is central to our offering. By relieving the burden on your staff, we can immediately free up their time for productive activity.

    With Cloud-based, collaborative services come enormous potential employee time-savings (as well as savings on travel etc), and we are eager to highlight beneficial applications and savings for your specific business.

    You’re In Control

    Our billing gives you clear and accurate information. We also enable you to interrogate your costs through an easily navigable web portal, so you can analyse your own spend by searching, querying and manipulating call data.

    Set ‘exceptions’ to office call billing, so you are automatically alerted if a rule of your making is broken. eg calls made after X time, to X destination, or over X cost.

    We can arrange for extension level billing – see what calls are made from each desk.

    We can also provide call reporting software – a powerful tool to monitor team productivity.


    This provides a cost-effective way for companies to finance their Telecoms/IT equipment requirements.

    • By spreading the cost over X amount of years you can obtain the system you want, rather than be limited by an initial fixed budget.
    • Working Capital and lines of credit can be used to invest in other profit-making activity.
    • Cash flow issues are countered by pre-determining monthly or quarterly payments.
    • Repayments are 100% ‘allowable’ (unlike other financing arrangements e.g bank loans) making leasing one of the most tax-efficient methods for Telecoms/IT equipment acquisition.
    • An initial Master Agreement can simply be altered (by additional schedules) as and when needed, to make provision for upgrades/replacements to leased equipment.

    Market Comparison

    Our unique bill analysis software allows comparison of your actual spend against multiple carriers and the latest available business tariffs – for landlines, mobile and data services. We are then able to take our findings to the Networks/Service Providers and petition them for further cost reductions based on your profile.

    Equipment Savings

    Supply of Reconditioned Equipment

    As well as providing a large range of new equipment at wholesale prices, we have for the past 15 years been supporting Organisations throughout the UK, both financially and environmentally, by supplying the highest quality refurbished/remanufactured Telephony kit at a huge discount to new pricing and with an Industry beating 24 month warranty

    Purchase & Disposal of redundant equipment:

    We provide a telephone system buy-back service. This can help you:

    • Subsidise the cost of any replacement system
    • By using our clearance service to remove the old/redundant telephone system/handsets/peripheral equipment
    • Comply with WEEE regulations on disposal of disused kit.

    For any equipment that is recycled, we donate all profits to our chosen charity, MIND.

    Handset Refurbishment

    If you would rather not swap out equipment and are looking to extend the life of currently installed units, we can also offer you a refurbishment service for digital, IP and analogue handsets. This can potentially save on considerable replacement costs.

    Each phone will be tested by a manufacturer trained engineer, upgraded to current firmware versions, cleaned and sanitised in our cleaning facility, new papers and plastics provided, new line cords and curly cords, shrink wrapped and then packaged securely in a postal box. Each box will be labelled with serial number, model number and description. We will provide a full warranty on this service and this service is offered from as little at £9.50 per handset.

    Should any item be faulty upon testing or poor quality, we will advise and ask you if you wish to repair and/or replace parts for an additional fee.

    • Logos-Godfrey-Wilson"A very impressive audit. Clarion have identified savings in various areas, all clearly documented and explained. They also give us, the client, the tools to better understand and manage our own cost base –  As an Accountancy firm ourselves that obviously appeals. We take our hats off to them!"

      Rob Wilson Managing Director - Godfrey Wilson Accounts
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