You can’t always see your employees when they’re working remotely but you can at least see what they’re doing. Our Productivity Monitoring software enables you to track all employee activity on company computers and phones.

With Productivity Monitoring installed on your devices, you’ll be able to see every document opened and every web site browsed – from any location. It’s a sure-fire way to encourage productivity, whilst also safeguarding your business against internal security breaches, policy violations, unsuitable content and even legal action.

  • Monitor all communications – messaging, mail, conferencing, downloads
  • Keep records of all file access requests, content usage and data copying
  • View screenshots or video recordings of user sessions
  • Block inappropriate web sites or time-wasting content
  • Get alerts for potential policy violations and employee misconduct

How does it work?

Our Productivity monitoring platform is deployed on the endpoint device but controlled and managed from a central administrator dashboard. Simply install the software on any computer, mobile or laptop you wish to monitor, and straight away it will show you exactly what’s happening on these devices. From the console you can set up searches, download tracking reports and configure alerts by device, by user and by task. The software works on both PCs and Macs and can be hosted in the cloud or on site.


From just £7.30 per user per month

Key Benefits

Monitor employee activity on your computers and phones

Remote tracking for any device - PC, Mac, laptop, phone

Improves employee productivity

Get the proof you need to conduct investigations

Create alerts when sensitive company data is accessed

Prevent illegal downloads and block unsuitable content

Simple installation - no expertise required


Our software allows you to proactively identify the star performers in your team, as well as those spending unreasonable time on non-work related tasks. You can view employee desktops remotely in real time, generate screenshots and data logs, and play back video footage of all user activities. If there’s something you don’t like, you can block access, flag suspicious behaviour and set up metrics to quantify time and task management. Instead of wasting your time chasing, checking and coming up with new ideas to maintain productivity, just let our monitoring software do it for you.


From customer complaints to supplier disputes, monitoring software can be a useful tool in helping your organisation quickly resolve external issues. Sadly it is also the case that that there will be times when you need to conduct internal investigations too. These could have expensive legal ramifications for your business. Claims of wrongful dismissal, harassment and discrimination are never welcome, but our monitoring software can give you an early warning signal, and often the evidence you need to respond decisively before an allegation escalates further.


Facing down threats from competitors is par for the course for any company – but what about threats from inside your organisation? When employees know their computer activity is being monitored, they are less likely to try to share, leak or upload confidential company data. Why would they take the risk? Keep your secrets safe by using our Productivity Monitoring software to notify you if sensitive documents are being accessed or downloaded by web mail, USB or through online file sharing.


Concerned about Privacy and GDPR?

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Our Productivity Monitoring software starts at just £7.30 per user per month.

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